09/11/2011 17:43 | By Adam Hartley, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
10 years of the Apple iPod

10 years of the Apple iPod

10 years of the Apple iPod (© Apple)
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Little did we know it at the time, but when it first went on sale on 10 November 2001, Apple's funny little white music-playing gadget was about to change the way music was made, listened to, sold and shared for evermore.

Most of us have probably owned a few iPods. Sure, many of us have music-playing smartphones these days, yet it still seems preferable to keep our portable digital music collections together on a separate iPod.

"As a family we've owned pretty much every model of iPod," my geeky computer pal Stuart told me recently. "The good (touch, classic, nano (1st, 3rd, 4th gen), shuffle (3rd gen), the bad (shuffle 1st gen) and the ugly (nano 2nd gen - the square one)."

So, as we celebrate 10 years of Steve Jobs' finest device, what have been your own iPod memories over the last decade?

10/11/2011 08:49
Still using my Sony Walkman Minidisk Player, and it sounds great through a pair of Sennheiser headphones! Wink
10/11/2011 19:31
Oh I just love my red ipod nano very much! thanks Apple
14/01/2012 21:05
I got to admit that it took a while for me to purchase an mp3 player (ardent audiophile, vinyl better than c.d ect) but when i did it had to be the 6th generation160gb, from an audiophiles perspective they are a god send, never thought i'd carry in excess of 45,000 songs in my pockect, user interface is astounding, sound is pretty astonishing as well. Connect it to the high end system indoors and it still performs reasonably well, if there is a better large capacity mp3 player available, i've yet to see one. Well done Jobs!
10/11/2011 09:18
Wow the iPod has made it to 10 years! To celebrate, I'm getting my very first iPod, a 32GB 4th generation iPod touch, for Christmas. A bit late, I know! A friend of mine had the 5gb original in '09.
24/12/2011 16:50
first Ipod was an apple Ipod mini 6gb 1st generation I got for my 10th birthday april 10th 2004 I upgraded to the ipod classic 6th gen 160gb christmas 2007 that badboy is still goign strong loaded with coming upto 30,000 songsXD i use my mini as a 1000 song playlist of experimental electronic music to throw down on shuffle

Ipods rock 
10/11/2011 14:38

Bought an i-Pod classic, last year in the USA. Brilliant sound, Brilliant concept. Better than any Music machine than that I have ever had. Wouldnt be without it. Only got 9000 songs on it so far, but I am really trying to push it to its Max. Anybody done that yet.!!!?  



10/11/2011 14:13
And you're not kidding either, are you, Windows Live User? Smile
10/11/2011 16:51
in the 90s, I always used to say to anyone who would listen that what I would like more than anything was my own personal juke box in my house- when the iPod came along- I thought- this is it! this has been invented just for me- it's everything I want- I am now on my 4th iPod and would rather not have a mobile than an iPod! One thing I wish they would do is allow crossfade of songs on the iPod- i've got over 7000 songs on now-still adding!
14/12/2011 17:40
I got an Ipod Nano 6th generation for my birthday last year and I love it!!! I think they are very clever and they look amazing, plus they have some good features.
10/11/2011 09:49
"the ugly (nano 2nd gen - the square one)."

^ I love my square nano! Beats a rectangle anyday! =)
20/12/2011 12:25

My first iPod, was Nano 2nd generation and I had it for a few good years (I still have it), then I got the iPod touch 4th generation, it was amazing and finally I got the iPhone 4, and I totally love that phone! And that's coming from a person who had a Blackberry for nearly a year and half :-) THANKS APPLE!

17/06/2012 01:36
I Would loved to own an ipod but the price gets in the way the only APPLE i have is round and juicy

08/03/2012 20:47
I thought I did, until I saw my daughter's iPod screen shattered from a sitting height. Awful thing to happen to such a beautiful device. But then again, what is beauty without substance? An Apple iPod 4th Generation.
10/11/2011 20:04
I just Think Any Ipod Is realley good i don,t care belongs what it does that i need it to but i have mp3 player
02/02/2012 12:37
i have 2 iphones and an ipod they are better then an mps and some other phones but the bad thing is wen u drop them they will brake very easy Confused
24/02/2012 16:29
i love apple products, i have owned quite a few of them, my first iPod was the ipod nano 5th gen, i loved it but the camera could of taken still photos instead of just video, then i went onto the ipod touch 2nd gen had one of them for a year and i loved my ipod touch, now i have an iphone 3gs and an iPad and i love them both, i love apple and im hoping to get a mac soon aswell :)
10/04/2012 14:13
I like apples blackberry's pears and all kinda fruit.But out of all the fruit i like apples ;)
21/07/2012 16:10
I brought my first Ipod touch last year it is 64gb which is great for lots of apps and music. what I dont understand is why Apple have not improved the music quality. I  still keep and use my Sony Walkmans with a built in amp which is of a fantastic sound and quality but you can only get them in  32gb. In my opinion an ipod touch is a pretty good all rounder but if you want it just for music quality there is so much better on the market. If Apple was to do this there would be no competition!
07/06/2012 11:50
I got my first MP3 player for Christmas 2007. It was a Creative Zen. I did consider getting an iPod but it was always a question of price and useability. Apple was so pertinent in the consumer market they wouldn't let the price be reduced without affecting quality yet other companies did offer alternatives with some surprisingly better features. My personal music player was an MP4 player that cost £99. An Apple iPod nano at the time cost almost twice that amount. However now that I have more money and demand for greater gameplay from apps I'm going to get an iPod Touch later this year.
12/04/2012 01:09
badman 2001 never looked bck since killing it with my 1210 laptop iphone now thats a set!
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