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09/08/2012 11:38 | Special promotion by Samsung
Real-life superhero technology

Superman – Bullet-proof vest

Superman – Bullet-proof vest (© VestGuard UK)
  • Batman – Tactical Air Initiated Launch System (© Battelle)
  • Wolverine – Titanium Jawbone (© LayerWise)
  • Superman – Bullet-proof vest (© VestGuard UK)
  • Storm – Wingsuit (© Richard Schneider)
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He can leap tall buildings in a single bound, fly like a bird and bounce bullets off his chest as if they were peanuts. I'm talking about Superman, of course, arguably the most famous of all superheroes. Although modern technology can't bless a person with the X-Ray vision or strength that the Man of Steel enjoys, it can protect them from a bullet. VestGuard UK's Force Assistance Body Armour, for example, is lightweight and flexible, yet it can stop a shot from an AK47.

Learn how the Samsung Galaxy S III was designed with you mind.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
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