08/08/2012 17:32 | By Stuart Dredge, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Agent Dash: app review

Swap temples for secret agents in this fun endless-runner game.

Agent Dash (© Full Fat Games)

What is it?
An action game for iOS and Android that sees you sprinting through scenery, Temple Run-style. Except this time, you're a smartly-dressed spy.

Coolest feature
The smooth animation and simple controls, as well as a healthy dose of just-one-more-go addictiveness.

iPhone/iPad - free
Android - free

Mobile game Temple Run has been an enormous hit on iOS and Android, racking up more than 100 million downloads and snaring the likes of Wayne Rooney and Justin Bieber in its grip. It's no surprise, then, to see other games coming out that are inspired by it.

Agent Dash is the latest, and it adds enough to Temple Run's endless-running formula to pick up fans in its own right - famous or otherwise.

Developed by Full Fat Games, who previously made the excellent Flick Soccer and Flick Golf, it challenges you to "don the tux and run for Queen & Country".

You certainly do run. The action is viewed from behind your secret agent as he runs, with simple swipes used to make him jump, slide and turn corners, plus taps to shoot targets.

As with Temple Run, the gameplay involves avoiding traps and obstacles as you sprint though a series of environments. Here, you're collecting gems as you go, which double as the game's virtual currency.

Agent Dash app review (© Full Fat Games)

You can spend them on upgradeable gadgets including a jetpack and magnet; on single-use supplies like an Air Drop, Back-Up, Slow-Mo or Gem Rush; and on additional characters and outfits to use instead of the default secret agent.

This being a freemium game, you can buy gems if you're impatient to get any of these items: from 69p for 2,500 of the virtual jewels through to £13.99 for 200,000.

That said, you can also earn 2,000 gems through following Full Fat on Twitter and Facebook, signing up to their mailing list and rating Agent Dash. While the in-app purchases certainly speed up your progress, you can have plenty of fun without them.

And that's the main word for Agent Dash: fun. It can be unforgiving at times when you misjudge a swipe and end up flattened against a rock or fried on a laser-fence. But it's never so frustrating that you don't want to dive straight back in for another go.

Agent Dash's long-term appeal may depend on how many of your friends are playing it: bragging has been one of the key reasons for Temple Run's popularity, as tweets from Rooney and his team-mates have shown.

Still, it has potential, and getting in early now could position you well to hand those friends a high-score drubbing when they discover the game a few weeks or months down the line.

4 stars