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25/03/2011 16:36 | By Adam Hartley, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
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Rovio - Angry Birds

Rovio - Angry Birds (© Rovio)
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If you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone and have still to play Rovio's Angry Birds, then rest assured you are in a tiny minority, as the game recently soared past the 100 million download mark.

In addition to producing a devilishly addictive game that can equally be enjoyed in 60-second chunks or hour-long bird-flinging marathons, Rovio has successfully managed to build an entertainment brand. This means that fans can buy stuffed Angry Birds animal toys, while looking forward to catching the Hollywood blockbuster movie of the game (yes, really!) in a year or two's time.

And with the Angry Birds Facebook game due to launch in May, world domination is surely within reach.


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