08/08/2012 16:53 | By Stuart Dredge, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Slices for Twitter: app review

Make sense of your Twitter feed with this filter-focused app

Slices for Twitter app (© OneLouder)

What is it?
The latest attempt at a non-official Twitter app, with features going beyond what's available in the social network's own applications.

Coolest feature
The way it can filter tweets based on big live events, like the Olympic Games, for a quick browse of what people are chattering about.

iPhone - free
Android - free

Once you've been using Twitter for a while, and are following hundreds of people, your stream can feel a bit out of control. Twitter itself has features to help, like Lists, but some other companies are working on solutions to the problem too.

OneLouder is one of them, with its new app Slices for Twitter. It provides an extra layer of filters and curation for the microblogging network, with the aim of helping you navigate the ever-flowing stream of tweets.

The app is free, but includes advertising. You can choose to pay £2.99 to upgrade to the Pro version and remove the ads, though.

Slices works as a normal Twitter client too, though: you can read your stream, post tweets, replies and messages. But there are some nifty features here too: particularly the ability to 'zip' individual users, hashtags and keywords.

Slices for Twitter (© OneLouder)

Zip? Yes: temporarily mute them - ideal if you can't stand X Factor, the Olympics or that user who's sending 100 tweets an hour from a conference that you have no interest in. On the more-positive side, you can also bookmark individual Twitter users for faster access to their tweets.

A core feature is the ability to create 'Slices' based on particular topics, adding users to each one. It doesn't feel hugely different from Twitter's own Lists feature, in truth.

You can also search your own Twitter timeline, post to Facebook and quickly filter your tweets to see only those with photos and videos - all clever features in themselves.

A separate Explore button helps you dive into the wider Twittersphere, with a selection of recommended users to follow in various categories, trending topics around the world, and slices based on events like the Olympics, Big Brother and baseball.

Slices is slick and easy to use, with some features that Twitter power users will love. Its future is a bit murky, though: Twitter is cracking down on other people's apps that it feels are too similar to its own official ones.

It would be a shame if Slices' innovations are rendered unusable by Twitter cutting off its access, but it's not an unthinkable prospect. In the meantime, though, the app is well worth trying out.

4 stars