23/08/2012 16:56 | By Stuart Dredge, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Tap Tap Revenge Tour: app review

You don't need plastic guitars for the hottest music game of 2012.

Tap Tap Revenge Tour app review (© Tapulous)

What is it?
The latest in hugely popular mobile music game franchise Tap Tap Revenge, armed with a big catalogue of pop hits to tap your fingers along to.

Coolest feature
Lots of famous artists' songs are included, with a decent number of free tracks to play alongside those you have to pay for using in-app purchases

iPhone - Freemium

Once upon a time, music games were all about the accessories: plastic plug-in guitars, dance mats and even drumkits proliferated on consoles. With modern-day smartphones, the emphasis is necessarily on the on-screen action.

The original Tap Tap Revenge was one of the first games released for iPhone in the early days of its App Store. It has since spawned a succession of sequels, and while it had been a big gap since the last one - the game's developer Tapulous was bought by Disney - Tap Tap Revenge Tour brings the series up to date for 2012.

The core gameplay remains the same: glowing orbs flow from the top to the bottom of the screen, and you have to tap them when they hit the buttons at the bottom of it - Guitar Hero and Rock Band style. Sometimes you'll have to swipe across a button in a chopping gesture, and sometimes you'll have to shake your iPhone.

The better you do, the bigger your score-multiplier gets, which in turn boosts your overall score. Wrapped around this is the game's new 'Tour Mode', which uses the structure of a music tour to reward your achievements and unlock new songs and content.

And the songs? There are a lot to choose from. The game skews towards pop and urban tracks, from Katy Perry, LMFAO and Carly Rae Jepsen through to Drake, Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj. Skrillex and Justice wave a dance flag, while indie fans... Well, Coldplay is about as good as it currently gets for you.

Some songs are free to play, but most of the premium stuff is bought using in-app purchases of 'picks' and track packs. It's perfectly possible to play Tap Tap Revenge Tour entirely for free, but chances are you'll spot a few songs that you'd like to pay for.

It's an addictive game, and while there may be no instrument peripherals to jump around the living room with, the sequencing of the orbs with the music does get your blood pumping.

5 stars