28/08/2012 18:13 | By Stuart Dredge, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Teatime: App of the day

Never miss your round of tea at work again with this tasty app.

Teatime (© UK Tea Council)

What is it?
Cuppas. This app is all about God's own hot, nourishing and (optionally) sugary drink. Specifically it's a tool for managing 'tea groups' among work colleagues to ensure everyone gets their tea just the way they like it - and also that they don't shirk their turn at the kettle.

Coolest feature
The automatic selection of the teamaker for each round, to avoid arguments.

iPhone/iPad - free
Android - free

Tea is the drink that fuels the British working nation, yet the process of making a round of cuppas for the office can be fraught with tensions.

Some people try to get out of it, disappearing into the toilet when a round is due, strapping on their headphones and pretending to be buried in an urgent task, or feigning a phobia of kettles, teabags and/or spoons.

Meanwhile, when someone does head to the kitchen, they have to remember how everyone takes their tea, as it doesn't take much for the wrong strength or sugariness to escalate into a bona-fide diplomatic incident.

(Or just silent seething, of course, otherwise known as the emotion that fuels the British working nation.)

Anyway, throw your teabags in the air in celebration, for there's now a solution. Yes, an app for that. It's called Teatime, is the work of the UK Tea Council, and aims to settle all tea-related disputes while ensuring everyone's tastes are catered for.

The app gets you to create one or more 'tea groups', tapping in details for each on how strong and sugary they like their cuppa, and even taking a photo of their tea to refer to when poised with a kettle.

Then, you use the app to set the next teatime, and when that time comes, it automatically chooses a member of the tea group to make it. No arguments, for the iPhone or Android handset has spoken. Genius.

Well, genius up to a point. Teatime is designed to run on an individual device, so a.) you have to choose someone to be the boss of the tea app, and b.) whoever's making the tea has to take that person's phone to the kitchen with them. Not ideal.

The alternative is to have it running on everyone's phone, but each of them will have to enter all the tea group details on their device (but then decide which person sets the alarm, to avoid seven different people all thinking they have to make tea at 2pm).

A genius idea, then, but one that could do with a little more work: having a single tea group accessible to all the compatible smartphones in the office.

Even so, in its current state, Teatime will defuse tea-related tensions in offices up and down the land. Fancy a brew?

4 stars