15/06/2012 17:05 | By Stuart Dredge, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Temple Run: Brave: app of the day

Popular action game gets a Disney/Pixar remake

Temple Run: Brave is rated four stars out of five by MSN Tech & Gadgets (© Imangi Studios)

What is it?
The original Temple Run game was a phenomenon. A partnership between its developers and Disney has led to this new version, based on the new animated film Brave.

Coolest feature
The graphics are noticeably nicer than Temple Run, and there's a new archery feature to spice up the gameplay a little.

iPhone / iPad - £0.69

Have you played Temple Run yet? A lot of people have. The arcade running game blew past 50 million downloads in April, making it the latest viral hit on the App Store (and, more recently, Android's Google Play store too). Even Wayne Rooney was spotted tweeting his high scores from the game.

Now it's back with a big partner: Disney/Pixar. The latter is releasing its latest animated film, Brave, and has worked with Temple Run developer Imangi Studios on an all-new version based on the movie.

The gameplay remains the same: your character runs, jumps, slides and turns corners in order to shake off a pursuer, with 3D scenery flashing past as you go, controlled by simple swipes on the touchscreen.

The difference is that your character is Merida, the film's princess heroine, and the pursuer is villainous demon bear Moordu rather than a bunch of monkeys. The graphics and sound have been noticeably beefed up, it's set in Scotland rather than a jungle, and there's a new archery feature to earn bonus coins by shooting targets as you run.

Coins? Yep, as with Temple Run, you earn coins to spend on new skins and power-ups - although you can buy coins via in-app purchase too, if you can't wait to earn them.

Temple Run: Brave is great fun, just like its predecessor. It's attracting some negative reviews on the App Store due to costing 69p - the original is free - but that's unwarranted. You're getting great value for money here.

Temple Run: Brave may well not be as popular as the original game. But like other movie tie-in games Angry Birds Rio, Doodle Jump: Hop and Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, it brings a fun new spin to the game.

Wayne Rooney might get addicted all over again. Although if he could wait until after he's won Euro 2012 for England, that'd be appreciated...

Temple Run: Brave is rated four stars out of five by MSN Tech & Gadgets