12/11/2012 16:12 | By Cliff Jospeh, contributor, MSN Tech

Review: Motorhead Iron Fist Headphones

For those about to rock… we take a look at the Motorhead's mighty Iron Fist cans

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What is it?
The Motörhead Iron Fist Headphones are hard-rocking headphones endorsed by the mighty Motörhead.

What’s great?
Strong, detailed mid-range and high-frequencies to emphasise rock guitar.

What’s not?
Probably not the best choice for classical music…

The Bottom Line?
A great choice for rock fans, at a competitive price.

Motorheadphones awarded 4 stars out of 5. (© Motorhead)

Motorhead Iron Fist Headphones: Review

The celebrity headphone gig is largely dominated by rappers with ludicrous names like, er, Ludacris, and Snoopy Dog Dog or whatever. Not surprisingly, the headphones they promote are designed to provide booming bass output for their own rap and dance tracks. But, of course, not everyone is into dance music – some us still like to strike an air-guitar pose and headbang along to some heavy rock riffs.

Enter rock monsters Motörhead with their new range of – yes indeed – Motörheadphönes. Described by guitarist Phil Campbell as “49% motherf****r, 51% son of a bitch” the new headphönes do provide strong low-frequency output for the crashing bass guitar and drums of heavy rock music. But what makes the Motörheadphönes really stand out is their emphasis on the mid-range and higher frequencies that bring out the full power of the rock guitar sound.

Motorhead Iron Fist Headphones: Price

Prices start at a modest £39.99 for the Trigger, and £49.99 for Overkill, both of which are compact in-ear headphones. But to really appreciate the clarity and power of the Motörheadphönes we reckon you need to step up to the full-size sets of cans that sit right over your ears.

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We got to test the Iron Fist headphönes, priced at £99.99, but there’s also the Bomber (£79.99), and the top-of-the-range Motörizer, which costs £129.99 and has swivelling earpieces for DJs. They certainly look the part, with a roughened, matte-black finish – based, according to the band, on the dashboard of a Ford Mustang – and finished off with their famous warpig logo on the earpieces. But, like all hard rockers they have a soft side too, with plush velvet earpieces that are comfortable to wear and which also do a good job of blocking out background noise.

Motorhead Iron Fist Headphones: Sound quality

“The mid-range guitar sounds terrific,” says Campbell, and we can’t argue with that. I tried out the Iron Fist headphönes with a variety of my guitar-rock faves and they all sounded terrific. I started with Lemmy’s pre-Motörhead period on Hawkwind and their Silver Machine just soars on the Iron Fist headphönes, as does the never-ending guitar solö on Lynyrnd Skynyrd’s classic Freebird.

The Iron Fist does a particularly good job of picking out all the detail in some of Queen’s multi-layered guitar epics, such as Hammer To Fall and Innuendo. The Queen harmonies also highlight the clarity of the Iron Fist’s higher frequencies too. And, for those of you tragically born too late to remember the guitar gods of the ‘70s and ‘80s, I can report that more recent guitar wig-outs from the likes of Muse and My Chemical Romance also sound like the veritable dog’s gonads.

The Iron Fist headphönes work well at high volumes too – “you can load these bastards with plenty of juice”, as the band put it – but without losing clarity at higher volumes, so the guitar never just degenerates into noise. And you don’t have to be a headbanger to enjoy these headphönes either, as the strength of the mid-range and higher frequencies works well with a lot of pop music too.

The prices are also pretty good for headphönes that produce such a clear, well-balanced sound. In other words, if you like loud guitar music then these are the headphones for you.

4 stars

Motorhead Iron Fist Headphones: Available now, £99.

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