15/11/2011 18:36 | By Verity Burns, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
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Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S (© Sony)
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The Consumer Electronics Association has spoken, and has announced the prestigious CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards 2012. Read on to see which products scooped a prize.

The new Sony Tablet S is the tablet that breaks the mold. Inspired by a folded magazine, Tablet S is ergonomically designed and balanced to feel light and comfortable in the hand. Tablet S is about entertainment; it's the first PlayStation-certified tablet ever, meaning you can get your game on with PlayStation classics like Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes, not to mention many more downloadable titles online.

16/11/2011 19:30

Great Product I use the the "Three"  HUAWEI E386 to connect to internet - Its supperb

Connect any where


15/04/2012 01:31

Never thought that they would reinvent the wheel; but here is an optical expansion of the the tiny eye drop box camera with practical physical light gathering.

27/02/2012 08:27
11/12/2012 14:01
Err...isn't this just a reworking of a camera obscura (No...not a device from Sony) about 600 years further on...Uh ?
11/12/2012 12:32
if you want to see a real bit of innovation go on
11/12/2012 12:28

Right, the best tablet which has not sold at all....I personally prefer the galaxy 10.1 note, I find the pen very useful to take notes and write useful things without having to use the keyboard.....waiting also for the 'ultrabook convertibles' prices to go down...a laptop which becomes a tablet is the way forward, especially when it uses intel inside and a proper gpu. Most tablets you get today are just good for browsing and gaming (apart from the notes taking).


Sorry Sony, used to love you in the 80s but now you are just pricey and lack of innovation (have you seen the tap 20?). 

17/11/2011 01:01
WOW Yes the Sony Tablet S looks pretty damn good, i cant understand why people sl*g off the Ipad though? I mean come on, the reason it was so popular was because it was the best thing on the market and had technology that no other company had released, now it gets slated because Sony have made a better one! Surely all of these Tablets have been inspired by Apple!!!!!! Mark surely you cant class Apple products as sub standard, all of the other companies set Apple as a target to beat!
20/11/2011 13:27
16/11/2011 18:06
Glad to see people are noticing other tablets apart from the closed iPad. I think this is a brilliant piece of kit! And you can sync your PS3 controller with it and use that to play the PS Certified games that have been released. And the Music/Video Unlimited looks great, especially if you have a PS3 or Sony Android phone too!

Now i just need to save up and buy one!
16/11/2011 17:23
I am pleased to see it is the best tablet on the market and not the ipad! I am not against Apple, BUT it is not the best tablet on the market! I have got the Sony tablet and I love it! 
Millions of apps for free, Playstation games to download, remote control, GPS, blue tooth, superb quality videos in HD using flash, gorgeous design, two cameras, usb port, so much more. 
16/11/2011 15:47
About time people have noticed there are better gadgets than the sub standard apple products.
16/11/2011 16:51
For me, the best tablet on the market has got to be Neurofen Plus.
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