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Clever minds unite to fight cybercrime

Oxford University launches brain trust to help tackle online criminality

By Richard Clooke 14/06/2012 11:14

It’s great to hear the brains at one of England’s top universities have come together in a bid to help fight cybercrime.

In April this year, Oxford University announced  the launch of its Cyber Security Centre – billed as a brain trust for considering the various online security threats on the web and mitigating them.

This is a good move – you could say akin to the recent Avengers Assemble Hollywood blockbuster. But, in this case, it’s some of the great academic minds that have come together to help fight a common cause affecting more and more individuals and businesses.

The new centre will allow these minds to research computer security threats and other related activities with a £5m pool of investment. The current line-up includes 12 full time academics, 25 researchers and 18 doctoral students – that’s a heavyweight team, and a great resource.

The project has already started with activities looking into spotting security problems in cloud networks, identifying malicious activity aimed at smartphones, as well as enhanced controls for personal privacy.

This is a positive step in the right direction – independent overview of the state of cybersecurity will undoubtedly help increase awareness of genuine security concerns, while also maintaining a level of realism about the true nature of threats.

If the new centre helps the industry and media find a suitable balance that helps consumers understand how they can remain safe online without resorting to drastic measures, then I feel it’s got to be a good venture.

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