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First interactive newspaper launched

Explore the headlines with your smartphone

By Nik Taylor 08/11/2011 16:22
Remember those electronic newspapers from Minority Report? In Tom Cruise's 2002 sci-fi flick, bored commuters didn't leaf through printed free-sheets. Instead they browsed interactive paper-like screens, with moving images and constantly updated headlines.

Reality is still working on catching up with that particular vision of the future - but a Taiwanese newspaper has taken a baby step towards it.

The United Daily News has teamed up with augmented reality browser Aurasma to create what it describes as the "world’s first augmented national daily newspaper".

Point a smartphone at the stories and images in the paper and you'll be able to boot up related content - such as a video report.
The technology has already been used in other newspapers to add an extra dimension to advertising, but this is the first time it's been integrated with daily editorial content.

What do you think? Can you see this kind of technology taking off - or would you rather stick to browsing news headlines online?
10/11/2011 01:55

all the newspapers have website you can read articles, so you don't have to buy the newspaper!

with news on the tv, websites and mobile phones, i don't know why people buy newspapers anymore.

it's very rarely buy a newspaper. i only buy one if they've got tokens to collect for something i want or they have more off coupons.

09/11/2011 18:16
a big no from me, lets face it we can all ready watch news/ read newspapers on tablets or smart phones. Why bother buying a news paper then spending your time pointing them at articles.
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