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Asus Padfone - hands on photos

David Phelan gives his first impressions on the phone/tablet hybrid

By Verity Burns 29/02/2012 18:47

The Padfone is a slick, chic and versatile Android smartphone with a difference. It comes with a tablet that has a dock in the back - pop the phone into this dock and click the door shut and voila - you have a tablet (with a slightly lumpy back).

Asus PadfoneAsus PadfoneAsus PadfoneBut wait, there’s more! An additional keyboard dock, similar to that used in the Asus Transformer Prime, turns the whole thing into an Android-powered laptop so you can type on, you know, proper keys.

Asus PadfoneIt’s a curious set-up but it has some great advantages, especially battery life. Since the tablet and keyboard have their own powercells, it can radically extend time between charges, up to nine times in fact, according to Asus.

Asus PadfoneThe phone is very slim, to fit into the tablet case, but it still includes a quad-core processor. And there’s even a stylus which doubles as a Bluetooth headset.

Asus Padfone stylus

Still, there are problems. What happens if you’re midway through typing a document and the phone rings? Sure, there’s that Bluetooth-capable pen but it’s not an ideal solution. 

Asus Padfone]And build quality seemed iffy on the prototype on display: with all elements connected the “laptop” was unbalanced and tipped up easily. Still, it could certainly save on how much you have to carry, providing you don’t mind some compromises.

The Asus Padfone is due out in April, prices to be confirmed.

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02/03/2012 10:03
It's going to be awesome! Hopefully it will come with a reasonable price tag!
02/03/2012 11:49

the whole point is that network operators will have to include a data package which allows effectively laptop use (assuming the padphone comes with the tablet). Asus need to sort out the weight issue, maybe the phone should be mounted lower on the tablet to counter balance. If the phone rings i imagine you will be notified on screen & answer by use of a wired / wireless headset or maybe even loudspeaker via the tablet / keyboard.


Great idea Asus should ensure they get this right though !

02/03/2012 09:45
02/03/2012 10:16
So lemme get this straight. You plug the phone into the back of the tablet, then you have a tablet. So without the phone, you cannot use the tablet. Is this true? I thought this was the case, since the quad core is in the phone, also, a quad core on a phone? What the hell are you gonna do with all that power, on a phone? Sounds like the phone function is tacked on, and the main function is as a portable mini tablet, which you can stick into a screen which has touch capability, and a keyboard, to turn it into a touch screen note pad or something.
02/03/2012 12:26
You can use them seperately, I mean that without phone it will work like Eee pad transformr. if your phone rings when you are using tablet, there is a bluetooth system that let you not miss the ring. hopefully It will come with a reasonable price.....
04/03/2012 01:31
According to everyone else who was at the MWC in las vegas, asus stated that the padfone was only dual core... the quad core was just a rumour of what could be expected... Surely this article needs to dig up the facts before spouting jiberish! LOL
02/03/2012 09:50
I'm so unsure if this is a good idea.... what happens if you get a phone call when using the tablet? Is your only choice to miss it and ring back later?
02/03/2012 17:18

Why? most people are looking to go smaller for the daily hand carry, so the phone, fine, but the rest?


02/03/2012 12:31
02/03/2012 12:57
i had the original one of these, it was really good until you tried to put the tablet inside the phone, then it didn't work.
02/03/2012 13:54
A phone can be used alone, or as part of a pauper's tablet.
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