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Bing adds Britannica Encyclopedia search results

Britannica is the world’s most renowned encyclopedia ever since the first edition in 1768.

By Matt F-Smith 08/06/2012 17:03

If you've used Bing recently you may have noticed a further useful addition to your search results.


Bing has partnered with Encylopedia Britannica.


Bing has partnered with Encylopedia Britannica and will now include answers from Britannica Online on Bing search results pages.


The result provides a snippet from the Britannica Online archives, a thumbnail image and any useful facts or figures associated with your search.


See this in action now - we searched for 'Queen Elizabeth II', this is what we got:


Our search for 'Queen Elizabeth II' provided the following result.


A pretty useful tool if you fancy an alternative to Wikipedia or want to expand your grey matter.


Try it out now - search with Bing


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