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Internet Explorer 9 comes top of web browser security report

A new NSS Labs report reveals Internet Explorer 9 catches almost seven times more malware threats than Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

By Matt F-Smith 19/07/2011 16:46

The latest report from independent security research and testing organisation (NSS Labs) is in.


A chart showing NSS Labs most recent report into socially-engineered malware.


In April 2011, NSS Labs performed the first test of web browser protection against socially engineered malware.


Almost one third of internet users in the European Union were victims of malware infections in 2010 despite the majority having security software installed (statistic provided by Eurostat). The statistic reminds us of the dangers presented by socially engineered malware and indicates that it's a growing trend that looks unlikely to go away anytime soon.



We remind you that the best defense against malware and other socially engineered threats is common sense. A secure web browser is only half the battle, if a site looks dodgy or prompts you to download a file of unknown origin then chances are it's not something you want to unleash on your unsuspecting hard drive. You wouldn't freely invite a stranger into your house... the same rule applies here.



All of the tests conducted by NSS Labs looked at the effectiveness of web browser security in the face of socially-engineered malware - the tests were performed on all of the key players in the browser market today.



The results of the study show Microsoft’s investment in blocking malware has helped protect millions of people - during testing, IE9 caught 92% of the live malware threats with SmartScreen URL reputation and an additional 8% with Application Reputation.



NSS Labs found [source]]:



  • Windows Internet Explorer 8 caught 90% of the live threats, an exceptional score that also matched their broader findings from the Q3 2010 global test.

  • Apple Safari 5 caught 13% of the live threats. Protection offered was near identical to that of Chrome and Firefox.

  • Mozilla Firefox 4 caught 13% of the live threats, far fewer than Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9. Results were 6% less than the 19% protection rate observed in their Q3 2010 global test indicating either an overall drop in protection for Firefox or regional weakness in Europe.

  • Google Chrome 10 caught 13% of the live threats, considerably more than the 3% observed during the Q3 2010 global test and a welcome improvement.

  • Opera 11 caught 5% of the live threats, providing a measurable amount protection against socially engineered malware for the first time.


NSS Labs concluded their report by claiming that Internet Explorer is the industry leader in protecting users against socially engineered malware, blocking almost seven times more malware threats than Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.



Read the full report from NSS Labs

20/09/2011 20:12
It is a very excellent browser , personally I fill comfortable navigating with it , jest  fantastic .
16/08/2011 15:46
Thank you Asrat :) The link should be working now.
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