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Microsoft launches Xbox 360 special edition "Celebration Pack"

Comprises of Xbox console, Kinect & controller emblazoned with the union flag to commemorate the Jubillee.

By Matt F-Smith 01/05/2012 12:50

In celebration of all things British this summer, Microsoft is releasing an Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Celebration Pack and special edition union flag mouse.


Microsoft launches Xbox 360 special edition


Alongside the special edition white Xbox 360 4GB console, Kinect Sensor and wireless controller the pack includes free commemorative union flag skins to decorate your console, sensor and controller.


The bundle comes with two Kinect games (Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports) and three months Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, allowing you to access and enjoy the very best in entertainment this summer.

The Xbox controller from the Celebration Pack.


And if that's not enough for you to get into the spirit you can also get your hands on the Great British Mouse (Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500). The mouse features an ambidextrous design and a Nano Transceiver small enough to leave plugged into your notebook.

The Xbox Celebration Pack is available from 25 May 2012, while the mouse is due a week later 3 May 2012.


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05/05/2012 12:27

@ Paul 'UNCLE TOM' Steer.


Having a Union flag doesn't mean it's in liking to the BNP.


I am sick and tired of people not being able to be patriotic by displaying a flag without some idiot like you making some sort of comment about it.



05/05/2012 12:31

And it's normally considered that on a ship the flag is called a Uniion Jack and on dry land it's a Union flag.



05/05/2012 00:10

Kyle, whilst I'm not one to nit pick, there really is no convention on what you call it...nion flag or union jack are both okay. To give a little bit of history: (sorry, my grandad was ex royal navy and I remember having a debate about this some years ago...needless to say he won!).  Apparentlyy, in 1902 an Admiralty Circular announced that the House of Lords had decided that either name (for the flag) could be used officially. Such use was given Parliamentary approval in 1908 when it was stated that "the Union Jack should be regarded as the National flag".


Apart from that though, I'm liking the new look xbox, although I think I'll stick with my newly acquired Star Wars version. Nothing will ever be quite as cool as R2D2 whistling approval everytime I stick a game in the drive!

07/05/2012 09:02
@Paul steer

It's people like you who are systematically destroying anything that is left of this once proud country,by saying the union flag is a flag of the BNP...What a tool you are..It's idiots like you who would stop people from flying them for the "FEAR",of upsetting others!..It's a flag to be proud of...And i for one will be buying it for my daughter...NOT because im racist!!!.....But because im proud to be whats left of britain.
06/05/2012 14:24

The Union Jack is also a Scottish Flag - What do you think the blue bits are???


Your comments are Scottish Nationalism gone mad!

05/05/2012 21:04
05/05/2012 12:29

The Gears of War 3 console is the best looking one in dark red and black.

04/05/2012 16:09

If the design is anything to go by, looks like buyers will have to splash out!

06/05/2012 19:38
Cool, but a little on the messy-side... Still, I would like one.Thumbs up
07/05/2012 14:37
I love the flag but that scruffy look which has been used on too many other things has had its day (Converse to name one) Why can't they make it simple, nice fresh looking flag and only putting the design on the front or the top of the xbox (lying down position)
31/07/2012 02:58

Please can I have this for free as I would like a 360.


I'll swap you for some chips... not all of them though.... OI ! *slaps hand away from my chips*

08/05/2012 09:39

Waste of money, get a white controller and paint it what colour you like if that's your thing..........

02/05/2012 08:32

I've already got union flag stickers for mine and they look much better than this


It looks way too much like the BNP thanks, i'll pass.

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