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Halo 4 cover art revealed

Microsoft and 343 Industries have revealed the box art for Halo 4 - and it looks bloody special.

By Matt F-Smith 16/05/2012 17:37


Halo fans furiously assembled thirty-two cryptic puzzle pieces in order to unlock Halo 4's cover art.


Halo 4. Image Microsoft


Halo 4 is set almost five years after the events of "Halo 3" and takes the series in a bold new direction, setting the stage for an epic new sci-fi saga.


Halo 4 sees Master Chief returns to confront his destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe. In addition to a rich story and campaign, Halo 4 introduces a groundbreaking new multiplayer offering, called “Halo Infinity Multiplayer".


Halo 4 will be available 6 November worldwide, the Halo 4 Limited Edition is also now available to pre-order.


For more details visit the official Halo site

17/05/2012 10:37
Can't wait for this it will be epic


its great an all, but i'm still trying to figure out why Master Chief's armour is missing its crotch plate........



Cortana you naughty AI.

18/05/2012 12:36
Are you people really this ignorant? "Same enemies, same guns" ... NEVER has a Halo game had the same guns and enemies as the game before it, and this one is promised to be the most different of all of them. If you want to see a game that never improves, look at COD.. Its not that i don't like it, its just a known fact that it never improves.

17/05/2012 12:49
Awesome my sons a big fan. (And so am i) LOL
20/05/2012 22:36
Oh My God!
Really can't wait to get my hands on a copy of  halo 4, loved all the other ones' and am sure it can only get better. Am sure for all the halo fans out there it won't be a disapointment.
(Go Girl Gamers!!) :D ****
23/05/2012 09:15
Halo 4 will land and crush us all beneath its awesome. AND THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS.
22/05/2012 10:15

i think you should be able to fly a pelican on this (im a ps3 player that likes halo LOL)

21/05/2012 23:07

COD and MOH are for earth bound soldiers.

Halo is for Astronaught Warriors,

I love this game more than life itself.

Halo i abase myself before thee.

I worship you as the one true god.

It's nearly time to fight the holy fight one more time.

Bring it on !


03/06/2012 12:23
yay another game to waste my life on :D
31/07/2012 03:02

Thats a nice drawing. Please send me a copy and I'll post you some chips... not all of them though... I love chips.


Infact keep your game, I'm gonna enjoy my chips.


Only joking. Please send me this game.

21/05/2012 17:22
awesome but who are the ancient evil and i miss the covenant grunts are AWESOME

17/05/2012 21:37

Same halo guns. Same enemies. But differant scenery and locations Friggin fantastic.

21/05/2012 15:55

Can't wait for the next installment...Halo 5: Master Chief; The College Years!

Damn this cash cow to the abattoir!

20/05/2012 12:43
MOH COD beats any game like for like :o)
18/05/2012 17:57

"Halo go again!"  Can't microsoft make another exclusive franhise instead of re heating the same food and serving it to it's fans, pimpin the halo franhise like the cash cow it is. 


 I'm not a fan boy i just would appreciate a fresh concept.  We complainned and mocked the jaws and rocky movies for the same reason.  Too much of anything is bad.  Less is sometimes more.  I think it's about quitting when your a head, tying up a story in a way that's satisfying like the original star wars trilogy.  Naughty dog made the uncharted trilogy and are now moving on to other exclusive projects("The last of us", etc), Infamous concluded the cole magrath story in it's sequel.


  If i still had my 360 i would have stopped playing halo games by now for the same reason i've lost interest in the assasins creed franchise.  These long drawn out story lines are i lke an over diluted cordial drink, bland!

22/05/2012 02:35
Worst FPS series of all time.  I hate COD but Halo is just the pits.  Graphics and gameplay are shocking.
17/05/2012 21:16

new halo game same old guns same old enemies boring

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