10/07/2012 13:49 | By Lee Harvey, content editor, MSN Sport

Go Pro HD Hero 2 review

Want to capture high quality action footage? Then Go Pro!

Go Pro Hero HD (© Go Pro)

What is it?
The Go Pro HD Hero 2 is an easy-to-use action cam.

What's great?
Compact, durable and enough attachments to film any sort of action footage in any circumstances.

The bottom line
The Go Pro will add a new dimension to video pieces, whatever your field.

As a reporter and an editor, I'm not qualified to tell you about the technical capabilities of the Go Pro HD Hero but I can tell you that the versatile camera is more than equipped to add a top quality, new dimension to video pieces, whatever your field.

Over the last week, I have used the Go Pro on two shoots. The first was a shoot with a Team GB sprint canoeist, the second with Formula One driver Romain Grosjean. On both shoots, the camera provided spectacular footage that conveyed the speed and power we would have struggled to put across to viewers with a traditional fixed camera and tripod.

On the first shoot with British sprint canoeist Ed Cox, we fixed the Go Pro to the front of his canoe to capture up-close shots of him paddling at full bore. In addition to sharp pictures of Ed sprinting on the Thames, the Go Pro also captured high quality sound. The result? A shot of an elite athlete in full flow - exactly what we wanted.

Watch: MSN Sport goes sprint canoeing with Ed Cox

On the second shoot, the Go Pro showed it can stand up to extreme punishment. We were filming Lotus F1 Team driver Romain Grosjean at a track day in Hethel, Norfolk. We used the Go Pro inside the car to film Romain driving before attaching it to the front and roof of the car to capture the sheer speed at which he was travelling.

With the camera only on loan, we were semi-terrified the camera would fly off the car as Romain tore around the Hethel track at speeds of up to 180mph. Such fears were completely unfounded. The Go Pro returned to the pit lane in exactly the same position we'd fixed it to the car.

As with the first shoot, sound and vision were excellent and, again, the camera gave us exactly what we wanted: the calmness of Romain as he rocketed around the track plus the sound of the car being driven to the limit.

Watch: Romain Grosjean's flying lap at Lotus' Hethel test track

How would I rate the Go Pro? Simply indispensable: I cannot imagine going on shoots of this nature in future without a Go Pro tucked away inside by cameraman's kit bag.

For more info, go to the Go Pro website