Updated: 12/07/2013 15:15 | By Dan Sung, contributor, MSN Tech
Best tech Easter eggs

Siri Easter eggs

Best tech Easter eggs (© Apple)
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For something a little more amusing, take Siri for a spin. Both the iPad and iPhone versions are packed with Easter eggs driven by the fact that users were always going to end up testing the iOS voice-control virtual assistant with some pretty bizarre questions.

There are plenty of known Siri Easter eggs out there and, doubtless, quite a few that have not yet been discovered, but some nice ones to try are asking it how to dispose of a dead body, whether it will marry you, what it looks like and, if all of that’s not taxing enough, then you can always throw in a request for the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Also, Siri loves The Matrix...

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