13/08/2012 15:17 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

London 2012: biggest moments on Twitter

From Usain Bolt's double-whammy to China's dominance in the medal table - we chart the social media winners of the London 2012 Games.

Twitter saw 150m Tweets about the Olympics over a period of just 16 days.

Usain Bolt was the most Tweeted about athlete on Twitter during the Games. Image Matt Dunham, AP

Usain Bolt was the most Tweeted about athlete on Twitter during the Games.

Usain Bolt came out on top of the Twitter tally - Bolt's defining moment clinching gold in the 200m sprint generated 80,000+ Tweets per minute. Whilst his earlier attempt at the record books (for the 100m sprint) saw 74,000+ Tweets per minute.

Other Twitter highlights included Andy Murray winning gold by beating Roger Federer in the men's singles (57,000+), Jamaica winning gold to set the world record in the men's 4x100 relay (52,000+ TPM), and Team USA beating Spain to win gold in men's basketball (41,000+ TPM).

Bolt also wins the accolade of being the most discussed athlete of the Games.

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Olympics social media medal count

A new study by starcount.com, the social media leaderboard company, has reviewed the top 302 trending Olympic athletes over the course of the games.

starcount.com has tallied up the results and awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the winners of social media.

Gold medalists Zhang Nan, left, and Zhao Yunlei. Image Saurabh Das, AP

China came top of starcount.com's list
of Olympics social winners.

In first place, China took the lead with 92 starcount Social Gold medals. Throughout the games the Chinese team have taken enthusiastically to social media - although notably to Chinese networks such as Tencent and Sina Weibo, and not Facebook and Twitter which are blocked on the Chinese mainland.

Narrowly behind China, the US comes in at second with 71 Social Gold medals. The US boasts a huge, digitally connected population and comprises of a team of highly recognisable athletes (including its all-star NBA basketball team).

The world's most decorated Olympian in history - US swimmer Michael Phelps - had the finale to his career in London 2012 and has also been one the most popular social media athletes of the games.

Great Britain match their position in the actual Olympic medal table (third) with starcount.com awarding 45 Social Golds. According to the figures diver Tom Daley was the UK's most popular athlete of the games - even before his exhilarating appearance in Saturday's diving that netted him the Bronze.