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Television - 1926

Logie TV 1926 (© Science Museum / Science & Society Picture Library)
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  • Logie TV 1926 (© Science Museum / Science & Society Picture Library)
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John Logie Baird (1888-1946), Scottish television pioneer, succeeded in developing a crude television apparatus capable of transmitting and receiving images over a short distance. The first public demonstration of television was held on 26 January 1926 in Baird’s laboratory in Soho, London.

By 1927 Baird had managed to transmit pictures by telephone line from London to Glasgow, and in May 1930 the Baird Televisor became the first mass-produced television set, available to the general public at a price of 25 guineas.

The original Televisor models were sold in mahogany cabinets. This later ‘tin stove’ model was designed for Blair by Percy Packman, an engineer at Plessey. Only about a thousand of these sets were sold, as buying DIY kits based on the same 30-line system proved the cheaper and more popular option.

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