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08/12/2011 11:50 | By Verity Burns, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

Telephones boxes and writing letters - the things tech has killed off

A poll has revealed the top 50 things we no longer do because of technology.

When was the last time you used a telephone box? (© Chemistry;Digital Vision;Getty Images)

Remember the last time you called directory enquiries for a number, used a phone box or handwritten an essay? No, us neither.

In fact, these things are just a few of the 50 acts that British people no longer do because of the rise in technology.

In a study of 3,000 adults, it was shown that people are more likely to turn to their gadgets - making physical maps, TV listings and printed bank statements redundant.

Other acts to make the list include ringing the cinema to find out film times (remember that?!), used an address book, faxing and sending postcards on holiday.

The research, conducted by online back-up specialists Mozy, also found that one in five people are never out of reach of an internet device, with over three quarters of people saying they rely heavily on technology every day.

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Do you still do any of these things?

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    1 %
    Call directory enquiries
    7 votes
    1 %
    Use a phone box
    4 votes
    5 %
    Handwrite letters/essays
    36 votes
    13 %
    Used a physical map
    97 votes
    1 %
    Ring the cinema for film times
    4 votes
    3 %
    Use a physical phone/address book
    24 votes
    5 %
    Send a fax
    36 votes
    5 %
    Send postcards from holiday
    35 votes
    6 %
    Print photos
    43 votes
    3 %
    Buy TV listings
    22 votes
    12 %
    Have a CD collection (that you listen to)
    88 votes
    9 %
    Dial 1471 when you get home
    63 votes
    3 %
    Keep a handwritten diary
    22 votes
    21 %
    Keep printed bills/bank statements
    151 votes
    13 %
    Use a printed dictionary
    97 votes

Total Responses: 729
Not scientifically valid. Results are updated every minute.

It also found that 75% of gadget users reckon their tech saves them at least two hours a week.

We've placed the whole long-forgotten list below and some of our favourites in a poll - do you still do any of these things? Vote in the poll and let us know your thoughts below.

The 50 things tech killed off:
1. Ring the cinema to find out times
2. Going into the travel agents to research a holiday
3. Record things using VHS
4. Dial directory enquiries
5. Use public telephones
6. Book tickets for events over the phone
7. Print photos
8. Put a classified ad in the shop window
9. Ring the speaking clock
10. Carry portable CD players
11. Write handwritten letters
12. Buy disposable cameras
13. Take plenty of change for pay phones
14. Make mix tapes
15. Pay bills at the post office
16. Use an address book
17. Check a map before or during car journey
18. Reverse charges in payphones
19. Go into the bank or building society to conduct your business
20. Buy TV listings
21. Own an encyclopaedia
22. Queue to get car tax in Post Office
23. Develop and send off for photographs
24. Read a hard copy of the Yellow Pages
25. Look up something in dictionary
26. Remember phone numbers/ Have a phone book
27. Watch videos
28. Have pen friends
29. Use a telephone directory
30. Use pagers
31. Fax things
32. Buy CD's/ Have a CD collection
33. Pay by cheque
34. Make photo albums
35. Watch programmes at the time they are shown
36. Dial 1471 when you get home
37. Warm milk or other hot drinks on stove
38. Try on lots of pairs of shoes on high street
39. Hand wash clothes
40. Advertise in trading papers
41. Send love letters
42. Hand-write essays / school work
43. Buy flowers from a florist
44. Work out how to spell something yourself
45. Keep a personal diary
46. Send post cards
47. Buy newspapers
48. Hang washing out in winter
49. Keep printed bills or bank statements
50. Visit car boot sales

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