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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: what console should you order

Xbox One vs PS4: Online gaming

Xbox One vs PS4: online (© Sony / Microsoft)
  • Xbox One vs PS4: online (© Sony / Microsoft)
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A wealth multiplayer gaming exists if you have Internet or broadband. Although single player gaming is still very much alive, the Call of Dutys and Battlefields of this world see hundreds of thousands of players do battle in a digital setting on a daily basis. It's therefore not surprising Xbox Live on the Xbox One will be more of the same, only a whopping 300,000 dedicated servers will ensure there's less connection funny business that can cause you to drop out a game or experience lag. FPS gamers, rejoice.

Current Xbox Live Gold subscribers will benefit from free games but not much else has been revealed other than the ability to share your gaming account with others. We do know up to ten people of your choice can enjoy your game library and you and one other person on your list can be playing a game at the same time.

Sony's PlayStation Network is currently free to use but a PlayStation+ subscription will be needed to enjoy online multiplayer for the PS4. Those who already have a PlayStation+ subscription will see it carried over from the Vita and PS3 to the PS4, saving you spending a few more quid.

Second hand game sales is a grey area for the Xbox One, with developers able to charge money or disable the option of gifting or selling a game - although a recent alteration by the company does mean the Xbox One isn't so locked into the internet.

Sony has said this is not an issue for PS4, although it did say developers have the right to build DRM into their games, meaning a developer could enforce a no game trade policy on both consoles if it wanted to.

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