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Beatbuddy is an innovative music adventure in which the player can move freely within the music.

The gamer navigates the Beatbuddy avatar through a musical course of obstacles. You control the music by navigating Beatbuddy through lush hand-painted worlds like the obstacle-filled underwater caverns we experienced at PAX East in Boston. Your goal is to work your way through a song, gradually building up the elements as you traverse through the levels. Starting from the first minimal bassdrums sounds all the way to the massive chorus.

We were enthralled by Beatbuddy's hypnotic, rhythmic gameplay - the beats drove us forwards, searching for that tantalising next beat in our ever-expanding repository of samples. If you opened up will.i.am's head, chances are this is what it would look like... Thankfully that's as far as our turgid pop comparisons will go, as the music found in Beatbuddy comes from none other than Austin Wintory (who just so happened to compose the award-winning score to PS3's Journey).

We can't wait to see what other musical treats THREAKS (the clever brains behind Beatbuddy) have in store for us when this fascinating slice of gaming pie goes on sale later this Summer.

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