28/03/2013 16:15 | By Matt Farrington Smith, editor, MSN Tech
Diablo III hands-on preview for PlayStation 3

Diablo III: items and loot

Diablo III on PlayStation 3 (© Blizzard)
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With Diablo III on PlayStation it was part of the design philosophy to drop fewer (but better) items. Rare items and legendary items can be identified with ease (they are clearly highlighted in-game). This was done to help keep the player in the action, as well as simplifying and streamlining the experience. But you can still pick up cool stuff, it just eliminates the need to micro-manage your items.

The inventory has been rethought - there is now an item queue, pressing up on the D-Pad cycles through all the items available to you that you've picked up.

Plus all items are shared between the team when playing a 4 player co-op game. Yes, you read that right... Diablo III on the PS3 delivers 4 player co-op action!


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