14/11/2011 00:19 | By Cliff Joseph, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
Great smartphones coming soon

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (© Samsung)
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It doesn't have the 5.3-inch screen of the recently released Galaxy Note, but the Nexus is no lightweight either, boasting a 4.6-inch high-definition screen and 1.2GHz dual core processor. The real attraction, though, is the fact that the Nexus will be the first smartphone to show off the new Android 4.0 software - also known as Ice Cream Sandwich - and will include advanced new features such as face-recognition to unlock the phone.

Price: TBC - but probably around £500 Sim-free
ETA: 17/11

1200 pounds for a phone. that is broad daylight robbery
19/11/2011 12:52
Dave Murphy..... read the article before commenting, 2 of the 3 Nokia phones in this article are windows phones, whilst one is the last of the Nokia Symbian phones. Brain into gear before fingers go walking on the keyboard please !
18/01/2012 01:23
oh no another toy for possers to walk about trying to look real stupid if people spent less time fart assing about with phones and concentrated on walking about and not getting each others way it would make life a lot easier these phones are a big novelty for possers  load of crap waste of money
23/03/2012 21:08
i would'nt pay more than £80 for a phone
26/02/2012 02:26
I admit that I love my gadgets and my phone being one of them but I do think some of these phones are well over priced and you have no sooner bought the latest phone and it's out of date within a year, those who say a phone is for making calls and nothing else are the same people who have no idea about technology and just don't know how useful todays phones are other than making calls but it's each to there own I guess.
28/03/2012 17:10
If someone could teach me how these gadgets work I might just buy one - but until such times that those who sell them are also  willing to spend enough time to teach an 'old' girl how to use them, I wouldn't buy one.
14/03/2012 17:27

The RIM looks pretty awesome & is the only one of the bunch with a physical QWERTY keyboard,...i like!Smile

Why is it the US get all the decent QWERTY moby's,like the Samsung Captivate Glide & Motorola Droid 4?Isn't there a market for smartphones with a physical keyboard here?

09/01/2012 17:46
well lets hope HTC don't miss this chance, by equipping it with more than the usual 500 meg internal memory. as they did with the wildfire, that clogs every time you update the apps on the phone. power is one thing capability is another .
19/01/2012 23:14


please learn to spell before you post a script, although I do agree I wish people would look where they are going instead of staring at their phones!

14/07/2012 13:06
porsche should stick to making cars cos that phone design is UGLY!!!!!!
21/06/2012 09:38
Porsche designed phone is ugly...............sorry!
21/06/2012 09:35
Can you see the screen on a sunny day?  What good is a phone when you struggle to read the screen in bright daylight - hope these new smartphones do the job...............probably wishful thinking like every other phone on the market!!
22/07/2012 03:40
Even my xperia neo V has face recognition!

Whats new?
09/02/2012 17:19
Seems everyone is miles behing the latest iphone and galaxy s2. Playing catchup far too slowly
13/01/2012 16:11
the BB Porsche Design......MMMMMM STAINLESS STEEL (foaming at the mouth)
14/11/2011 09:55
What happened to Microsoft and Nokia teaming up to make a phone because they can't compete with Androids and iPhones? Here Nokia are getting ready to release three more fails.
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