19/07/2012 15:34 | By Rebecca Bryant, editor, MSN Shopping
Hasbro's top 12 toys for Christmas 2012


Furby (© Image © Hasbro)
  • Furby (© Image © Hasbro)
  • My Little Pony: Pony Princess Wedding Castle Playset (© Image © Hasbro)
  • Sesame Street Tickle Time Elmo (© Image © Hasbro)
  • Play-Doh Candy Cyclone Playset (© Image © Hasbro)
  • Monopoly Millionaire (© Image © Hasbro)
  • Twister Dance (© Image © Hasbro)
  • Connect 4 Dunk (© Image © Hasbro)
  • Web Shooting Spider-Man (© Image © Hasbro)
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It may only be July but in the world of toys, it's never too early for Christmas. Here's a sneaky peek at Hasbro's top 12 toys for 2012.

Feed it, tickle it, speak to it or play music for it, every Furby has its own individual personality. And the more you interact with these loveable friends, the more they'll respond to you. The ever-popular Furby now comes with expressive LED eyes so you can see when it's happy or sad. What's more, you can now translate what they're saying in "Furbish" instantly or even make them a sandwich, thanks to the new downloadable Furby application, which is available for free on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Furby, suitable for six years and above, £59.99

20/07/2012 08:32

its JULY... WHY THE F...    is there a christmas story here?!!!!!







20/07/2012 13:14
I locked mine in cupboard for months everytime I opened the door it went WHAAAAAAAAAAR YOU SCARED ME MWEAW MWEAW...

I then put it on top of a bonfire and it sqeeeeled its final word then exploded...Please dont do this yourself as highly dangerous...

20/07/2012 00:22
Furby really...? lol i had one when i was like 8-9 for xmas, i am 20 now and my parents certainly did not pay that much for it even with the added ipad/iphone/ipod touch features.. don't know who would buy at the price given but each to their own i guess..
20/07/2012 08:38

ive got 2 of the old ones still in boxes like new if any body wants them..


21/07/2012 14:52
At that price you should be able to shag it!!
20/07/2012 13:30
haha i still have mine got it about a week after they come out the first time think i only played with it about 5 times x
20/07/2012 14:07
I'm 17 and I want one of those for christmas.
03/10/2012 16:17
i got a blue one! very cute can get annoying but still a must buy!!
20/07/2012 14:21

had one the first time around,never did get it to speek


20/07/2012 13:39

Mmmm..  Synthetic toys by the milion. More landfill for the coming years eh?..Jjust what society needs!


When the children that these toys are destined for eventually grow up they will have reason to thank us for poisining their world with such pointless rubbish.


Too late by then though.

20/07/2012 14:44

the old ferbys were much beter can we have them back PLEAS


20/07/2012 10:33
20/07/2012 01:13

omg they are out again carnt they ever come up with something different


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