20/09/2011 16:54 | By Duncan Jefferies, contributor, MSN Tech & Gadgets
The new planking? Plumbking and other Facebook crazes


Horsemanning (© Juanjo Bazán)
  • Plumbking (© Plankinglol.com)
  • Planking (© Marco Derksen)
  • Owling (© Gee Willi)
  • Teapotting (© MSN)
  • Horsemanning (© Juanjo Bazán)
  • Batmanning (© ShaneRounce.com)
  • Scarecrowing (© MSN)
  • Trunking (© BT/Facebook)
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Horsemanning is arguably older than any of the other crazes featured in our list. According to the Horsemanning.com website, the fad, which derives its name from the Headless Horseman character in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, first came to prominence in the 1920s. Modern recreations began trending again recently, and the craze quickly spread across the globe. The aim is to make it appear as if your noggin has been sliced clean off by the Headless Horseman himself - an effect achieved by getting one person to lay with their head hidden, while another hides their body.

21/09/2011 00:34

Howabout a new craze called "pillocking"? where you basically make a pillock of yourself on facebook, oh - I see it's already being done.

21/09/2011 02:46

No Seriously , With this kind of journalism and a country full of idiots , what hope do we have ?

At this rate in less than 20 years our top leaders will have an I.Q of 90 , while the rest of us wont know what an I.Q is ...........


Admit it , who is so busy texting that they dont realise they missed words out in their sentence before sending the message.

21/09/2011 15:50


Whats this all about then?, people slagging off facebook users, and yet they are spending their time commenting on Windows Live?, whats the difference?

Both are just a bit of fun, not political forums?

Sound like you lot need to live and let live, you are not higher beings.......or are you?

If people get a kick out of planking or whetever else, then thats fine, if you dont like it, dont read it!

Peace and Love everybody.......................

21/09/2011 18:29
 Do these people not have anything better to do - F8ck1ng MUPPETS
23/09/2011 13:21

does the phrase `get a life` have any meaning?

some people just have too much time on their hands

21/09/2011 11:14
What on earth is this planet coming to?
21/09/2011 02:35
Where is "Stealth Bumming"? Always a winner!!!
21/09/2011 14:44
Really guys!! Some people clearly take life too seriously, if you see something funny .... LAUGH AT IT!!!! I have facebook it keeps me in contact with ACTUAL friends that i actually speak to and socialise with. I have a full time job/career and i use it to share photos and have FUN!!!!!!!! Get a grip people life is not this black and white!! God, what a way to ruin a bit of humour!!
21/09/2011 10:04
21/09/2011 15:13

Gosh your right William Carr, i should stop following all those celebs Sarcastic

Because clearly that is how i spend my time!

You are obviously an expert on my life and in fact all the other people who are on facebook.

I honestly find it even more funny that people criticise people for finding something funny!!!

A few little photo craze's and everyones got their knickers in a twist, hahaha how funny and narrow minded  people can be!

21/09/2011 23:32
I'd be too scared that I'd drown  :S
21/09/2011 15:01
would been funnier if they actually flushed the toilet when his head was in it?
21/09/2011 15:12
And you Garry Gazza. Maybe you should both spend less time worrying about what other people find funny and go back to school and learn some English grammar. The way you spell and talk is a mockery of the English language.
She's supposed to look like she's swimming? :S
21/09/2011 16:18
21/09/2011 15:10

William Carr, did you check your grammar before pressing enter on that post?


Maybe you should have!

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