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Facebook's changes - in pictures

Introducing Timeline

Introducing Timeline (© Facebook)
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Say goodbye to your old profile - this is what it will look like when the new changes take affect. You'll be able to skip to your activity in different years and months using the timeline on the right hand side.

24/09/2011 14:38
Although this page seems simple enough the present changes which happened two days ago are an absolutely joke.  The whole thing has become unuseable and the ONLY way I can get facebook to remotely work is by constant refreshing.  I can't find a single person who is in favour of the present changes.  If the information isn't set out clearly and you can't navigate easily then the whole point of facebook is destroyed.  I do hope the developers listen to those of us who use it every day because at the moment it just isn't working for me...
23/09/2011 13:03
the new facebook is rubbish dont u think the ppl who use it should have a say in it as most ppl dont like how it is now think it should go back 2 how it was before
23/09/2011 19:40
Now I love Facebook and I did want to continue using it, however I hate the new settings for privacy. I use Facebook purely for keeping in touch with my friends. I am only friends with people I know and only want to share my Facebook activity with family and friends. However these new apparently easier to use privacy settings have ruined Facebook for me as now basically anyone can see your photos. My profile was also completely public for a while until i realised the settings have changed as i was not made aware of the changes. I think everyone is entitled to privacy yet Facebook has took this away giving way to stalkers heaven which i dislike! Why would anybody want people they don't know looking at them, and for that reason Facebook, I'm out.
24/09/2011 12:34

to all those saying get a life i am a single mum to 2 small children so when they are in bed at 7.30pm everynight and there is crap on the tv where else do we go so yes we might spend a lot of time on fb but what else can we do this becomes our social arena as we CANT get out and we HAVE to stay in therefore it works for us .  as it stops us going mental

. no i dont like the new changes as i have pics of my kids on and i am choosy whom i accept  as friends as i dont want them splashed all over please put it back and stop messsing with it it was good before. it is getting less and less secure  now please take this under consideration and yes the adds are anoying but they make it free for us  so i will tolerate them so  everybody else get off ur high horses  and look at the big picture from everybodys angles not just ur own . also them saying get a life are usually the ones with only a few friends  xx

23/09/2011 20:31
I am not happy at all, i find this new version FAR TO INTRUSIVE into your life, i keep mine as simple as possible nd share as little as possible as i do not want my life open on the net for all, and for people to be able to see what you have done in previous months etc is very disturbing, facebook has just become a world wide big brother,  the same as their new ticker box - very intrusive unless you change your setting or subscriptions so that people cannot see what you comment on a friends status or what they comment on when that person is not in your friends list, very much a privacy violation and people have complained on their official page and they have not listened and just done, and facebook needs to remember without users there is no facebook so they should listen to their users. I am actually quite disgusted with these new changes to relive past status'swill upset users who have announced splits with friends, loved ones etc to their friends on their status's will now have to see again - we should be able to have an option of having this memory timeline or not but facebook does not give it' users options it just does!!!
23/09/2011 14:29
facebook is making its own  funeral to be in history with bebo and  myspace  
24/09/2011 21:43
I think that the new layout is awful. If something's not broken, it should be left alone!!!
23/09/2011 13:04
They keep changing it and it's quite annoying. I think maybe they're setting it up to fit more adverts in. There are too many already. The more something is pushed in my face the less likely I am to want it. If I want something I'll go out and look for it thank you very much. I've noticed a downturn in people using Facebook anyway. A lot of my friends have had enough of it and won't use it anymore.
23/09/2011 13:14
Totally agree that Facebook changes are extremely unpopular with EVERYONE on my friends list.  There have been serious discussions going on over the past couple of days and people seem determined that if these changes are not stopped, they will go elsewhere.  Remember "Myspace" dear Facebook providers, methinks you could go the same way.  Many of us are already checking out new/other social networks and might never return.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it, or do so at your peril.  Stop being so damned patronising Facebook, or repent at leisure.
24/09/2011 23:45
facebook leave the site alone give us what WE ask for and not what you think is best for us PLEASE you're spoiling it for everyone 
23/09/2011 20:28
Why are all my friends deleting me. My friends are dropping like fly ....... no wait they deleted facebook.
23/09/2011 14:07
I really don't like the new Facebook and neither do any of my friends. I don't understand why they have to keep making changes to something which is working perfectly well already and that people are happy with. It would be nice if they had a poll on it for the users before they make changes.
23/09/2011 14:59
I hate it ....It makes me feel like a stalker knowing everything everyone on my friends list is doing... and they can see everything I am doing is just not right
23/09/2011 14:01
Dont want the new facebook,,like the old one better..
23/09/2011 18:41
Why change what was a good system.
From the response I have seen Facebook will be loosing a lot of accounts including mine!!!

 Its a case of "IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT!!!!!!!"

Leave well alone, it was good the way it was!!!!!!!
23/09/2011 14:42
Really do NOT like this change.  Hate the fact that everything keeps changing.  Was very happy with the old style and now you have ruined it for me.  Very quickly going off facebook. Baring teeth
23/09/2011 15:38
If it ain't broken then don't try and mend it!!!Angry
23/09/2011 13:10
I am not happy that we weren't consulted before the changes which most people I have spoken to find really awful. I will stop using it in protest until they change it back. Surely they should listen to the people who use it?
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