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Facebook Timeline - how to protect your privacy

Facebook Timeline privacy concerns

Facebook Timeline privacy concerns (© Verity Burns; Facebook)
  • Facebook Timeline privacy concerns (© Verity Burns; Facebook)
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  • Build lists (© Verity Burns; Facebook)
  • Set your default privacy (© Verity Burns; Facebook)
  • Change the privacy of individual posts (© Verity Burns; Facebook)
  • It’s never too late (© Verity Burns; Facebook)
  • Decide who can contact you (© Verity Burns; Facebook)
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When we wrote our piece informing you that Facebook Timeline was coming as a mandatory upgrade to all profiles we got an overwhelming response. Our poll showed you hated it and hundreds of your comments echoed the same concern with the new layout - privacy.

To help, we've created a step-by-step guide to help you work your way around all the privacy controls on the new layout - including some you might not have known about. Read on for all the details on how to lock down your Facebook Timeline profile.

15/02/2012 11:04
I'm not quite sure why you all are moaning about Facebook timeline every company moves forward and it is actually improved some things i feel, its just because its new and you aren't used to it. When you talk about Facebook selling your information etc do you not think that Twitter and Google do that too? Have you not noticed that when you google things it comes up as an advert on the sites you visit (because google saves what you look at) We are moving into a new stage of the use of the Internet where everything we do and say will soon be monitored - that is what you should really be protesting!!! What i suggest is that if you don't want your information sold or monitored to leave all sites and even the whole internet soon. There will be no freedom of use on the internet at all in the near future.  Google ACTA -  Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, SOPA and PIPA. Yet another one Canadian Bill C-51.
15/02/2012 11:28

I honestly don't know what everyone is complaining about. It's not that bad you just have to learn how to use it, simple as that really.

I do find it highly irritating when Facebook updates the layout every 6 months or so, but unfortunately it's just the way they operate and that's not going to change anytime soon. Generally you will find the updates have been designed to make the network easier to use in the long run and if you've been on Facebook for some time you will be familiar with this procedure by now, so get over it :P

15/02/2012 19:04

I must admit that I quite like Timeline and have set my privacy info to whom I want to see info.

What I would like to say to the Facebook Team, please put  a direct contact address on FB, if we have any problems it is a nightmare trying to get in touch with you.  Perhaps an online chat help desk would be an idea.  What do others think?


15/02/2012 19:59

Facebooks Timeline is nothing more and nothing less than a different way of setting out the profile page....after all the hoo ha the privacy settings are very much the same as before with one exception....now you cannot set who can find you in a search as no one!!..  But at the end of the day everyone on facebook is there for a reason....to socialise and if you only want to add real friends then you shud reject any unwanted friend requests SIMPLES!!! You control who is on your page NOT facebook so you control who sees stuff..


15/02/2012 18:25
'Our poll showed you hated it ..' so, in true Microsoft style, you ignored everyone and imposed your own wishes on us., just like you did with Vista Office 2007!
15/02/2012 12:18
I find Timeline has some really useful features. I only share information I am happy for everyone to see and If I want to communicate privately I will either DM or chat on skype.
15/02/2012 12:23
facebook is good to talk to people you went to school with and losted touch with them all
15/02/2012 09:49

If you want privacy go gey a cabin in the woods dont have a phone computer or any gadgets if you join facebook or any social site you have to accept your information isnt going to be kept private only post on there what you dont mind the world knowing feed them any old line someone somewhere in cyber space will see it and use it of course companies sell your information thats what they do wake up and smell the coffee nothing is completely private on the internet

15/02/2012 18:22
I like it! Everyone seems to be complaining about privacy. But if you go to any government or council office (even the library to borrow a book) they know if you've moved house in the past week, your phone number, your spouses name, post (Zip) code & lots more information.
I personally don't have anything to hide, so I don't have a problem with it.
Do you think that Google don't have a file on you? Get over the paranoia & enjoy yourselves! :o)

15/02/2012 09:49
Facebook is now starting to ruin everyday relationships, and become a tool of addiction and secrecy, it has now been embedded into society and will be impossible to nowstop, shame, it ruined my relationship, with secrecy and illicit relationship from another, until to late!!!!!!!!!!!Angry 
15/02/2012 08:30
lets put it this way, anything that becomes too popular, becomes vulnerable.
15/02/2012 23:31

We all know that  FB won't give a crap about those of you that plan to leave or already have left because there are too many people who will continue to use it no matter how much it annoys them. Including most of the people who have left comments here. Including me in fact. FB is too much a  part of every day life now for some people (and yes I'm sure those of you who don't have accounts are feeling all superior now, well done) . It is after all an easy way to stay in touch. Timeline might be **** and we might not want it but there is bugger all we can do about it. Either leave or don't, no-one (least of all FB) cares.

Not that that means we can't discuss it, moan about it, defend it, etc... it makes us feel better about something we cannot change.

15/02/2012 19:35
Sod it. You live, you die and in between there's a whole lotta change. I ent swithchin to twatter. Although didn't myface die a death??.

15/02/2012 08:33
I have nothing to hide but its obvious alot of you have ...SADO's
15/02/2012 16:12
You can always leave Facebook if you don't like it (and who really does?)... it's not compulsory to be a member. You can start your own Social Network with NING > http://uk.ning.com/
15/02/2012 09:02

This incarnation of Facebook gives us far more opportunity to make sure our information is as safe as possible than it ever has before. But no form of information is ever truly safe. We all have email addresses, various accounts on social networks, mobile phones, banks, magazine subscriptions etc. All this information is accessible if you have the means.

The selling of information isn't a new thing. Companies have been doing it for decades! The only difference now is that we all have a medium to have a moan about it - the Internet.

15/02/2012 14:05
15/02/2012 12:06
I actually don't think timeline is bad , I have it on facebook and yeah it is anoying sometimes , but in some ways it's great . I like timeline and no everyone has there own taste :)  of what there profile should look like :D 
15/02/2012 17:13

Facebook is a trap, a ****ty addiction and an invitation to have your entire life, thoughts and feelings: all plastered for the whole world to see. It can get depressing and you find yourself unable to LOG OFF and eventually incapable of ever seeing yourself without the stupid site.

I made a choice to tell everyone to ''**** off'' by literally ''****ing off' myself. Now nobody knows where I am, what Im doing, Where i spent my weekend---and best of all they can no longer contact me unless I choose to contact them. Realised a little too late what a bloody joke Facebook really is.

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