Nik Taylor

Nik Taylor is a co-editor of MSN Tech & Gadgets, where he works alongside fellow editor Verity Burns to keep the site up to date with news and features on the latest technology, gadgets and video games.

As well as writing and editing the site's content, he can also be seen presenting video reviews and reports as well as chipping in with the odd seasoned observation in the monthly gaming podcast, hosted by Iain Lee.

Nik has been working in technology journalism since the days when the iPod was no more than a twinkle in Steve Jobs' eye and when it seemed a thoroughly credible idea to blow millions of dollars of website venture capital on a launch party, without bothering to design the site first.

During that time, he has owned a wide variety of gadgets and loved them all, even the rubbish ones.

What gadget is the world waiting for?

Surely it's time we had hoverboards? I've wanted one of these ever since Back to the Future II, but the best we've got at the moment is motorised skateboards. Doc Brown would not be impressed.

What's the best gadget you've ever owned?

A credit-card sized FM radio that made me a playground celebrity when I took it to school back in 1986. It was miraculously tiny (for its time), amazed everyone in my class and gave me an early lesson in how much wow factor gadgets can have.