Panorama shown in the 7 vs 70 promotional video (Image © Microsoft)

Alexa (7 years old) and Allen (70 years old) are both rookies and they're going to show you how easy it is to create a panoramic photo.

In the first episode of this Microsoft video campaign they must battle mouse-to-mouse to see who can create a panorama the fastest. What we have here are some fun little videos and the aim is to convince you just how easy Microsoft products are to use.

Who will win?

Will youth triumph over experience? Choose your side now and place your bets! When you're done read the Windows Live guide to creating a panoramic image below.

Watch Allen create a panorama

Watch Alexa create a panorama

Download Photo Gallery and create a panorama of your own

Select your images

What is a panorama?

In simple terms a panorama is a wide view of a physical space.

When taking a photo we are often limited by our lens and its respective field of view, but by shooting multiple images we can effectively create a single wide image.

This technique is called stitching and requires a number of images taken in sequence to produce an accurate panoramic scene.

Open the 'Make' menu

Creating the panorama

Windows Live Photo Gallery offers powerful photo-editing features usually reserved for commercial editing software, luckily this makes the whole process incredibly easy.

To begin select the photos which will make up your scene, as a general rule of thumb I would recommend ten images as the bare minimum.

Ensure the required images are selected and open the 'Make' menu.

Click 'Make panoramic photo' to start the process.

Stitching your photos together

A dialog box will appear and the photo stitching begins. At this stage there is nothing for you to do, just sit back and wait for the end result! Depending on the number of photos this process could take anything from a minute to ten.

In 2008 I was lucky enough to attend the British Motor Show and used this as an opportunity to capture enough images to fashion a panorama all of my own.

Download the British Motor Show panoramas now

To complete my panorama I climbed to a vantage point that overlooked the show and panned my camera from left to right, taking pictures at very small intervals. The panoramas you see are stitched together from 30+ photos!

The crop tool

Cropping your panorama

You may want to tidy up the rough edges the panoramic process leaves behind. To do this double-click your image and open it up.

Click on the 'Fix' menu to open it. From here select 'Crop photo' and drag the bounding box to a suitable position.

All that's left to do now is marvel at your panoramic perfection!

Panorama of British Motor Show (Image © MSN)

View panoramas from the British Motor Show

Watch Allen create a panorama

Watch Alexa create a panorama