Benefits of Windows Internet Explorer 8

Still struggling with an outdated internet experience? Discover the many benefits of upgrading your browser with Internet Explorer 8's new features.

Internet Explorer 8's Accelerator function in action on msn,uk,com. Download it today,


Complete your browsing activities quickly, and discover new services, e-mail, map, translate and more.

For instance, say you need to look up the location to a gig/club; simply highlight your chosen text, and view the results without even leaving the page you're on.

With such services integrated directly into the browser, you can simply select some text, right-click to select an Accelerator, and immediately be presented with the results.

Web Slice markers on the MSN UK homepage

Web Slices

A Web Slice is a preview (or snippet) of your favourite site or service available directly from the Favourites bar of your browser.

Add a Web Slice and you won't have to return to a Web site repeatedly for updated news, stock quotes, auctions, weather, or sports.

When you visit a web page that has a Web Slice available, a Web Slice icon is displayed. You can then easily subscribe and add the item to your Favourites bar.

InPrivate Browsing with Internet Explorer 8. Download it now.

InPrivate Browsing

Keep your data more secure and protect your privacy when you're surfing the internet by using the InPrivate function.

InPrivate Browsing helps prevent Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session: this includes cookies, temporary Internet files, history, and any other personal data that is automatically collected as you visit websites.

Internet Explorer 8's new SmartScreen Filter helps protect you whilst browsing. Download it now.

SmartScreen Filter

Protect yourself against malicious websites with this new security measure.

Whenever your surf the web, some of the information about your visit is automatically sent to the website provider. Filtering helps you control this information and choose which providers (if any) receive information about the places you visit.

Improve your search experience with Internet Explorer 8's new search suggestions. Download it today.

Search Suggestions

How would you like to perform a search without leaving the page you are on?

Keep an eye out for the instant search drop-down menu which provides handy search suggestions when typing your query.

Add a search provider to Internet Explorer 8 by checking the 'Make this my default search provider' in the Add Search Provider dialog box.

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