Follow your English Premier League team on IE8

Get the latest news for any English Premier League team with Internet Explorer 8's Web Slices.

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Manchester United's John O'Shea celebrates. AP, Press Association Images

Manchester United, just one of the 20 Premier League sides you can follow using Web Slices

Web Slices were introduced when Windows Internet Explorer 8 was released in March 2009.

A Web Slice is a preview (or snippet) of your favourite site or service available directly from the Favorites bar of your browser.

They enable you to get the very latest news or info directly from your Internet Explorer Favorites bar rather than having to visit yet another website.

When you visit a web page that has a Web Slice available, a Web Slice icon (a small green and white square) is displayed . You can then easily subscribe and add the item to your Favorites bar.

Clicking on your Web Slice in the Favorites Bar opens and displays the latest content. Clicking on the preview navigates your browser directly to the original web site.

How to get Premier League Web Slices

Those clever people over at buzztap have prepared a list of team-specific Web Slices, meaning you are always just a click away from fresh sports buzz.

You don't have to be a genius to start adding Web Slices and following your team:

Add an English Premier League team Web Slice in Windows Internet Explorer 8

Add a Web Slice

Visit the buzztap website, buzztap can be found at:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to pick your team from the list.

Select your team. A Web Slices dialog box will appear, click on the 'Add to Favorites bar' button to complete the process.

From now on, you can quickly and easily check the latest updates about your team by clicking on the Web Slice in your Favorites bar.

Once you have added a Slice, you might want to control how often Internet Explorer checks for updates. Right-click on a Web Slice to select Properties. Here you can select the frequency of the updates and alter the schedule accordingly.

Removing a web slice

But what if you don't want to track a Web Slice's updates anymore? To delete, right-click and select Delete from the menu - hardly rocket science now is it?

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