Are You A Messenger Addict?

Do you find yourself having more virtual conversations than real ones?

10 signs that you're a Messenger addict (© Image Microsoft)

My name’s Ellen, I’m a Messenger addict and proud of it! Well, a recovering addict at least, since spending too much time instant-messaging mates, alarm bells started ringing.

Read on for our top ten signs you really are a Messenger-aholic.

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You find it difficult to express how you’re feeling without the aid of an emoticon.

If you’ve found yourself needing a ‘wink’ smiley to convey irony in a regular conversation, this one is for you. Also applies to those people who are unable to finish a sentence on messenger without some kind of emoticon following it. Emoticons have their place but use sparingly!

You say ‘LOL’ in real life.

Any use of internet acronyms outside of the internet is generally bad news, but making ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’ a part of your everyday vocabulary should be avoided unless you’re under the age of ten, even if you say it ironically.

Your buddy list contains more people than actual friends you have in real life.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you speak to all of them; there’s a few you haven’t spoken to in years but won’t delete ‘just in case’. A clean up is useful every now and then, especially when your list includes exes from years ago and old work colleagues you barely speak to.

You find full blown conversations too full on.

Messenger conversations are great because they generally involve shorter sentences, quicker exchanges and you can spend longer mulling over a witty reply. In stark contrast a seemingly ‘normal’ conversation is too much like hard work and you may not end up coming across as funny or as cool!

You change your picture more than you change your underwear.

By personalising your profile and space means you can make your Messenger very ‘you’, although don’t overkill and change it so much it starts confusing people. Obviously you want to keep things updated, but it’s good to give off the impression you actually have better things to do than change it every few minutes.

You have all your important conversations over Messenger.

Anyone who’s ever dumped someone or had serious work conversations via Messenger take note: there are some things which are better done face to face or picking up the phone.

You’d rather IM someone than pick up the phone

Like the previous point, Messenger should be a useful addition to your communication means, not an outright replacement. While it’s perfect for general chat with friends and getting quick answers, there’s no point waiting for someone to sign in if you need to chat to them when you could just send an email or call them.

You’re logged into Messenger all the time you are online

Even if you are set to ‘appear offline’, Messenger stalking and checking out who’s online every 5 minutes throughout the day can be a big distraction.

You get irrationally annoyed when someone doesn’t message you back

It’s happened to all of us – you send that important message which needs a response straight away and you find yourself staring at the message box, waiting to see it say ‘…is writing’. What could they possibly be doing? Why aren’t they writing back that very second?

You courted your current boyfriend/girlfriend by chatting on Messenger.

Whatever happened to late night phone chats and dates to the cinema? Getting to know your new squeeze is probably something saved for the real world. Why not save those cheeky nudges and Messenger chat for further on down the line when instant messaging can add an extra dimension to your relationship. 

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