Live Calendar

Busy social life? It's time to make some plans with Hotmail's Live Calendar beta

Live Calendar beta in action

Live Calendar enables Hotmail users to see friends schedules online, get reminders for important events and share calendars amongst friends, family and colleagues.

See your schedule online—by day, week, or month. The intuitive interface means you can add an event in seconds. Should you need to reschedule, it’s as easy as drag and drop.

Access the Calendar from Hotmail

Get reminders via e-mail, Windows Live Messenger, or text messages sent to your phone. See your schedule in Microsoft Office Outlook or get it in an RSS feed.

One particular feature that deserves some attention is Calendar's ability to import your Hotmail and Messenger contacts' birthdays. No more excuses for sending that dreaded 'Belated birthday' card!

Share your calendar with friends, and plan group events. Share just the info you want, and keep the rest private. See your personal, family, and group calendars all in one place.

Live Calendar can be accessed from inside new Hotmail. You will find the link under the 'Related places' link to the left of your viewing pane.

Setting up an event

To set up new 'Event' simply select the relevant day (it will show as highlighted) and click on the green 'Add' symbol. 

To get your new event live you will need to specify four basic details, namely; What, where, start and end times.

That's it, your calendar will automatically be updated! The same goes for anybody who's signed up to receive your calendar updates, so if you make a change your friends will see it too.

Organising has never been so easy.

Handy hint: you can also import appointments created in a variety of other calendars, including Outlook.