MSN Groups - What next?

MSN Groups is closing but some excellent alternatives are just around the corner...

MSN groups is closing, here's what to do next

You may have heard that the MSN Groups service is set to close its doors on February 21, 2009.

But this isn't a time to mope, we understand the importance of keeping your group together, so we've partnered with Multiply to preserve your online community and its history.

The move to migrate  your group to this fantastic new platform demonstrates we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most current and user friendly technology. Multiply is the best way to continue to offer innovative and effective services that help you stay in touch with the people you care about.

What to do next

You have three options, please choose the one that best matches your group's needs.

Transfer to Multiply

Transferring your group to Multiply's online group and media sharing service couldn't be easier. The migration process will automatically move your group and all of its data, so input on your part is minimal. To continue to the Multiply platform please follow this link.

Choose another service

You can start from scratch and create your group on a different service but we recommend having your Group moved automatically by Multiply. This will enable your Group to transition easily and continue to enjoy the community you have created.

Windows Live Groups

To further expand our mix of communications and sharing services, Windows Live will launch a new service this autumn, Windows Live Groups. We plan to launch Windows Live Groups to the public in the coming weeks as a service that helps small groups or clubs collaborate online.

What will happen now?

Between today and February 21, 2009 the MSN Groups service will remain the same as it is now.  We will remove the option to add more storage to your group but other features will remain until the service is shut down and you can use it the same way you do today until the date of closure.

Users of MSN Communities Web Folders

We recommend that if you store files online using MSN Communities web folders that you back up these files locally, then upload them to another online storage service such as Windows Live SkyDrive.  For more details on how to find and move files saved to your web folders, visit the MSN Groups Resource Center.

Need help?

We draw your attention to MSN Groups Customer Support where support staff are specially equipped to answer any outstanding questions you may have.