How to take better photos

Tune up your photos and share your photos with friends! We show you why Live Photo Gallery is a very capable piece of kit

Live Photo Gallery (© Microsoft)

Windows Live Photo Gallery makes it easy to manage and share your photos and videos. It offers powerful photo-editing features usually reserved for commercial editing software.

Download Windows Live Photo Gallery now and bring your photos to life

Live Photo Gallery is an upgraded version of Windows Photo Gallery (as seen in Vista) but benefits from a number of powerful changes. As a keen photographer myself I can see the benefits inherent within Gallery - it provides a quick but versatile platform for all aspects of photo management. 

View this video to see Photo Gallery in action

These are the reasons you need Live Photo Gallery:

The histogram will aid exposure adjustments

Photo fixes

Take control of your photos by utilizing the enhanced photo features present within Live Photo Gallery. 'Auto adjust' is a one-click way to make your photos look their best.

Removed unwanted red eye with the red eye tool

For the more adventurous why not experiment with color adjustments, resize your images by cropping and remove red eye with the red eye tool. You can also try your hand at adjusting exposure level, where a histogram will aid you in the correction process.

Managing your photo collection is easy with Live Photo Gallery

Photo management

If you're a keen photographer you'll quickly amass tens of thousands of photos and the danger of losing or misplacing your precious photos is real. Luckily Live Photo Gallery reduces this risk by masquerading as the ideal management tool.

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