How to Share Music with SkyDrive

What do you keep on your SkyDrive? Why not put it to good use by cramming it full of free music...

Get music on your SkyDrive

Here's a little known fact - if you own a Windows Live ID, you already have SkyDrive!

SkyDrive gives you 5GB of free, password-protected online storage so you can easily share files and information with others.

If you don't already, get into practice by storing your photos and documents on SkyDrive. Unlike a USB key, you can’t lose or leave behind your SkyDrive files – for this very reason it doubles up as a great place to store your downloaded music and has the added ability to integrate with Live Spaces.

When you're done - head on over to the blog where I share links to some of the best free albums.

Adding files to SkyDrive dialog box

It's very easy to upload music to SkyDrive. Read the full guide to using SkyDrive in this Windows Live gallery or follow the truncated steps below.

Select the 'Public' folder from the SkyDrive landing page (note, if you want to use your 'Music' folder you will need to change the permissions to public first).

Make a note of the embed code

Once upload is completed you will be presented with a summary screen.

Make note of the 'Embed' code as you will need this for integration with your Space.

The next step requires an active Spaces account, if you need to sign-up for a Live Space, you can do so by visiting the homepage.

Select the add module option from the customize menu

Navigate to your Spaces homepage.

From the 'Customize' menu, select 'Add modules' from the drop-down list. This option is worth remembering as it lets you add a whole heap of functions to your page, these include; photo galleries, Windows Media Player, RSS feeds, Soapbox video, Windows Live favourites, and XBOX tools among others.

Add custom HTML to your Space

Select the 'Custom HTML' module - and click 'Add'. This will allow you to get under the hood and enable functionality that is otherwise invisible.

You will need to 'Save' the module in order for it to appear on your Space.

Click edit to continue

Click 'Edit' on your new module (note, you can also change or hide the Custom HTML text).

Input the embed code in this dialog box

This is the place where your 'Embed' code is needed. Paste it into the dialog box and choose 'Publish'.

Success! Your file is now embedded

Success! If done correctly your song should appear live on your Space. Your friends can choose to either play or download the file for themselves.

A quick note on copyright: Please respect copyright, copying or sharing unauthorized materials is a violation of the Windows Live terms of use.

If you enjoy music as much as me, you need to check out the latest blog entry on the Editor's blog. In search of free music - I show you where to find it. Use in conjunction with this guide to get music onto your Space.

Need help? Get the Windows Live lowdown on using SkyDrive

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