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10/09/2010 12:36 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Windows Live

Internet Explorer 9 - what's new

A richer, more immersive web is coming. Be one of the first to see what’s new in Internet Explorer 9.

Windows Internet Explorer 9. Image Microsoft

Quick install
Installing Internet Explorer 9 is a breeze. The install process has been dramatically streamlined, requiring fewer mouse-clicks and less time to load. Internet Explorer 9 requires just 4 clicks, compared to Internet Explorer 8's 13. In context that's a lot of time saved...

And Internet Explorer 9 does away with the lengthy waiting for automatic updates to download. Updates are now installed separately leaving you free to jump in and browse the internet.

All around fast
Internet Explorer 9 has major performance improvements that make Internet Explorer start faster and stay faster over time.

Hardware accelerated graphics and HD video take full advantage of your computer's graphics processor. Internet Explorer 9 uses DirectX® technology which ensures that text is crisp, graphics and animations are smooth, and that HD video is stunning.

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Clean design
The new design borrows the slick look and thoroughly modern feel of Windows 7. The streamlined design makes it easy to get you where you want to go with as few clicks as possible.

The webpage is king and Internet Explorer 9 has been designed with the focus firmly on the size of the webpage viewing area.

Navigation-wise only the forward and back icons remain, along with address bar, favourites button, and a button to access the tools menu. These are the only controls essential for browsing in today's modern times.

Internet Explorer 9 demonstrates a new cleaner design.

Download Manager
Take control of your downloads with Internet Explorer 9's new Download Manager. A secure area for downloaded files, where you can keep track of all your website downloads.

Here you can also pause downloads for later, resume paused downloads or open those successfully completed.

Internet Explorer 9 Download Manager

Pin your favourites
Pinning sites makes it simple to visit the pages you visit regularly. Internet Explorer 9 calls these Pinned Sites - and you can launch these favourite pages from your task bar with a single click. To pin a webpage, just grab the tab in the browser and drag it down to your taskbar.

Internet Explorer 9 organises your favourites in a clear and concise fashion.

Tear-off tabs
Snapping and dragging features first saw the light of day in Windows 7 - Internet Explorer 9 now also makes use of this handy feature with tear-off tabs now a reality.

Tear-off tabs enable you to show two webpages or websites side-by-side, useful for when you want to compare products or keep an eye on an auction whilst reading your emails.

Tearing off a tab is easy, just click on your chosen tab and drag across the screen.

Snap browser windows with Windows 7 snap feature.

Smarter address bar
Typing a website URL and searching the web can now both be done from the same place.

The One Box approach transforms the address bar of old and will now helps anticipate what you are looking for. This will enable you to fire-up websites quicker and helpfully also store the URL for later visits.

Can't remember the name of a website? Search suggestions will help you find what you're looking for and get to your sites faster and with less typing.

Internet Explorer will handily offer search suggestions in the address bar.

One-click navigation
Internet Explorer 9 has taken advantage of the ingenious time-saving features found in Windows 7 to make browsing faster and more efficient.

Little enhancements like pinning a website to your taskbar eliminates the need to manually open a browser window.

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Built-in security
Internet Explorer 9 has built on the security features offered in Internet Explorer 8; the SmartScreen filter is back, helping to protect users from phishing attempts and anti-malware tools help combat spyware, adware and other potentially dangerous software that wants a piece of your computer.

Protect your privacy with Internet Explorer 9's hardened security defences.

With counterfeit emails from banks and other financial services or fake notifications from social networking sites on the rise Internet Explorer 9 does all it can to help protect us during our online experience. Should the browser detect a malicious website Internet Explorer 9 will block the entire site and it will also help protect you from downloading malicious threats via a warning message in the new Download Manager.

Domain Highlighting will suss out suspicious-looking websites.

InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate filtering also make a welcome return, helping you limit what information you send to website providers and what records of your browsing history are stored on your computer.

HTML5 is the latest version of the hypertext markup language that websites are built from.

HTML5 allows web developers to build richer, more immersive websites that challenge the modern browser. Fortunately Internet Explorer 9 has been built with HTML5 in mind - whereas websites previously relied on Flash to showcase nippy graphics and high-definition video experiences, HTML5 makes this possible without the need for external plugins.

Standards compliant
Internet Explorer 9 is the most standards-compliant browser Microsoft has ever delivered.

Internet Explorer 9 was tested to extremes throughout its development. Microsoft offered a preview of the new browser called a 'platform preview'. This allowed users an early look at the various technology that would end up in this first beta version of Internet Explorer 9. To date 2.5 million people have downloaded this preview.

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