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01/02/2011 17:48 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Tech & Gadgets

How to view your Bing search history

Learn how to easily access your search history with Bing.

Your Bing search history page handily lists all of your recent search activity by site visited and organised by way of last visited date.

How to search through your previous Bing search queries. Image MSN

Search history helps you quickly and easily return to your most recent searches. Search history starts as soon as you search on Bing and, when you're not signed in, continues to grow for 28 days.

Routing through your history

Here's how to see what Bing has stored about your internet search history.

From the Bing homepage hover over the History link located on the explore pane to the left.
A list of your top five most recent searches will be shown. Should you wish to revisit old haunts, just click on the search of your choice to be whisked away. No need to search again!

You'll also see the following options while your mouse is hovered: Clear all, See all, and Turn off. With Bing you're always in total control of your search history and these actions help to put you firmly in the driving seat.

Clear all scraps your entire search history in one go (as opposed to say removing searches individually which you can do if you so wish).

See all takes you to your own personalised Bing search history page. This page handily lists all of your recent search activity by site visited and organised by way of last visited date.

Turn off. Should you not want your internet search history recorded (don't ask us why!) there's also an option to turn off Bing's search tracking. Although the danger here is forgetting where you've been - should you wish to revisit a particular site and haven't had the foresight to add it to your Favourites.

Your search history page on Bing should look like this. Image MSN

Search by day

Want to see search history for a particular day? Use the calendar on the right side of the history page. The calendar highlights the days on which you have searches and clicks. Click a highlighted day to see your search history from that day.

You can sign in to Bing with a Windows Live ID so that your searches are stored in association with your Windows Live ID and can be accessed on every computer that you've signed in on, or you can stay signed out so that your searches are accessible only on a single computer.

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