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Internet Explorer 9 jargon buster

Get your head around the lingo with our jargon busting guide to Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 9 jargon buster. Image MSN

You've read about the new browser, you know all of the features, now learn what they all mean.

Pinned site

A pinned site is the name given to a website that can be accessed directly from the Windows 7 taskbar without having to first open the browser.

Users can create a pinned site by dragging a browser tab to the taskbar.

Jump list

Jump lists provide quick access to commands for things like composing new email messages or playing music.

HTML stands for hyper text language protocol - a programming language for presenting content on the web. HTML5 is the latest version and adds geolocation, HD video and audio.

Hardware-accelerated graphics
For Internet Explorer 9, rendering of graphics, text, and video has been moved from the CPU to the graphics card.

One Box
Search functionality and the Address bar have been incorporated into a new feature called One Box. Now, users
have one place where they can navigate to a site and search for a site.

Tear-off tabs

Tear off tabs allow users to easily look at two web sites side by side in Windows 7. To tear off a tab, users click a tab and drag it to the edge of their screen.

New tab page
The New Tab page displays tiles for the sites that users visit more frequently. From the New Tab page, users can
also reopen closed tabs, reopen their last browsing session, and start an InPrivate Browsing session.

Automatic Updates
Users can choose to have important updates installed automatically, once they are made available. Automatically installed updates can include security updates, critical updates, definition updates and service packs through Windows Update.

ActiveX Filtering

ActiveX controls are small programs, sometimes called add-ons, that are used on the internet. Some websites require you to install ActiveX controls to see the site or perform certain tasks on it. Internet Explorer 9 allows you to block ActiveX controls for all sites and then turn them back on for only the sites that you trust with the new ActiveX Filtering option.

Add-on Performance Advisor
Add-on Performance Advisor notifies users when add-ons are slowing down their browsing session.

Compatibility Mode
When Internet Explorer 9 detects a website that has not specified its desired display mode, the Compatibility View button appears next to the Refresh button on the Address Bar. It can also be used to display older websites.

Tracking Protection
Tracking Protection allows you to limit the browser's communication with certain websites determined by a
Tracking Protection List to help keep your information private.

Hang Recovery
New in Internet Explorer 9, this feature isolates the impact of a non-responsive tab to the individual tab, so that other tabs and the overall browser are not impacted.

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