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IE9: What the web is saying

What have people been saying about Internet Explorer 9 across the web and in the press?

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We compile a collection of quotes taken from reviews and opinions about Internet Explorer 9 from across the web.

Here's what the internet is saying about the latest version of Microsoft's browser:

ZDNet - Internet Explorer 9 scores 8.3 / 10
Simon Bisson says: "This is Microsoft's best browser -- so far...IE9 has put Microsoft back in the game, making it a
recommended install for any supported Windows PC."

Mail Online - The empire strikes back
"IE9 is the first major browser to include a 'do not track' tool that helps users prevent their online surfing habits from being monitored... Globally, IE retained a clear lead over its rivals."

Pocket Lint - It's not the IE you know and mock
"It's screamingly fast, includes a good range of web standards, has an interface so minimal you can be forgiven for thinking it's trying to be Chrome, has some really innovative security and privacy ideas - and the option for pinning sites is popular with real websites."

Ars Technica - The most modern browser there is
Peter Bright says: "Internet Explorer 9 is a triumph. Not perfect, but still a first-rate product. Microsoft really has built a better browser here... It is an excellent browser that can be used with confidence and pride."

Electric Pig - 5 things you need to know
Jennifer Alan on the benefits of IE9: "1. It's fast 2. It's HTML 5 compatible 3. It uses your PC's hardware 4. It's safer and more secure 5. Page previews with audio playback." - Speed and privacy improvements
"With a boost in performance over the beta version, and enhanced user privacy and security protection."

Internet Explorer 9. Image Microsoft

Daily Telegraph
"IE9 will excite web developers and 'prosumers' as they explore the new HTML5 capabilities of the Web's most commonly used browser."

Financial Times - IE9 makes it to the finish line

Richard Waters says: "The technical and design advances in Microsoft's latest browser, along with heavy courting of tech insiders, have at least won it very positive reviews."

The Next Web - The year of Internet Explorer 9
"IE9 is the best version of IE ever, and will likely quickly become the world's most popular browser once its first golden RTM build is released tonight."

BBC News
"IE9's graphics handling, security and privacy features put it on an even footing with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others."

TechRadar - Already been a big hit for Microsoft
James Stables says: "IE9 is a leap forward up for Microsoft, and they've done a fine job. Some of the features in Internet Explorer 9 are genuinely innovative, and as it's well placed to usher in a richer web experience."

T3 - New-look effort
Joe Minihane says: "It's better at detecting viruses in dodgy downloads and comes rocking HTML5 skills."

Breaking Global News - Caught up to the competition
"Taking bits and pieces from Firefox and Chrome, and adding some new features themselves, Internet Explorer 9 is right up there and will discourage new computer owners from having to install new web browsers."

TechWatch - Much faster than IE8
Darren Allan says: "With a more efficient JavaScript engine and a hardware acceleration to help boost performace when rendering those HD video clips on YouTube."

Internet Explorer 9. Image Microsoft

IT Pro Portal
Desire Athow says: "IE9 has been Microsoft's most successful beta download, clocking a whopping 40 million downloads since it was launched and has been rolled out one in every 50 Windows 7 computers worldwide."

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