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11/10/2011 16:06 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, Tech & Gadgets

How to import your contacts to your Windows Phone

We guide you through the process of importing all of your old contacts onto your new Windows Phone.

You've just got a brand new phone, but before you start calling and sending messages to your friends you need to copy over all of your numbers and contacts... Never fear! We show you how.

How to import you contacts from your mobile to Windows Phone. Image MSN

The process of copying your contacts to Windows Phone changes depending on the handset you are transferring from. To make things easier we've split the guide into sections for each mobile platform, please select your old phone from the following list:

I have an iPhone

I have a BlackBerry

I have an Android

Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone* For those you have bought the new Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone, use the "Contacts Transfer" pre-installed app. Just switch on Bluetooth on both devices and follow the on-screen steps.

Import contacts from any other phone

How to import contacts from a SIM card.

If you own anything other than an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Symbian device, you can copy your contacts simply by inserting your old SIM card and hitting a few buttons.

How to import contacts from a SIM card

Finish setting up your Windows Phone

Once your numbers have been safely copied to your new handset, there are a few other things you might want to set up.

You can add all of your email accounts (Hotmail, Gmail, Exchange), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Xbox LIVE to play games, track your achievements and play games against your friends, and sign up for a Zune account to stream and purchase music.

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