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Bing close to 4% of UK search market
Bing close to 4% of UK search market

Bing in the UK inches ever closer to 4% share of the search market - gains 0.22% during October.

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Download the Bing Bar
Download the Bing Bar

Check your email, keep-up with Facebook updates, view the weather and much more with the all new Bing Bar from Microsoft.

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What was the best new phone launched at MWC 2014?

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  1. 66 %
    Samsung Galaxy S5
    5,276 votes
    17 %
    Sony Xperia Z2
    1,339 votes
    12 %
    Nokia X
    974 votes
    2 %
    YotaPhone 2
    165 votes
    3 %
    LG G2 Mini
    258 votes

Total Responses: 8,012
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