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Edgar Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards debut 'Brandon Generator'

Brandon Generator is a unique animated graphic novel bought to life with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9.

Episode One of Edgar Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards online comic book is available to watch today.

Brandon Generator is an immersive online comic created in HMTL5. Image Microsoft

The four-part story is the brainchild of Edgar Wright (director of Scott Pilgrim and Shaun of the Dead), with visuals
provided by Tommy Lee Edwards (of Marvel and Lucasfilm fame) and a voiceover courtesy of Julian Barrett (Mighty Boosh). There's music too (David Holmes, Keefus Green and Jade Vincent appear as an outfit called Unloved).

Brandon Generator combines elements from the world of movies, video games and comic books. The story begins with Brandon suffering at the hands of every scribe's kryptonite - writer's block.

Influence the story

Is this a movie you watch? A game you play? A comic you read?

Brandon Generator offers you the chance to shape the story and influence the outcome of future episodes. The website encourages you to actively become a part of his empty surroundings, why not try exploring Brandon's desk and see what you can find?

Use the notepad to submit your own monstrous creations for Brandon's next adventure.

Use the notepad to submit your own monstrous creations for Brandon's next adventure.

Find Brandon's laptop: Click on the blinking cursor to start typing and submit your own story ideas.

Find the notepad: Pick up the pen and start drawing characters and monsters to inhabit Brandon's world.

Find Brandon's business card: Click on the card to leave Brandon a message via Skype.

Some other things to try

It's not all about aiding Brandon's creative process and shaping his random adventures, if you want to take a more backseat role why not try one of the following:

Find the mobile phone: Click on Brandon's phone to listen to some of the random messages that have been left.

Find the dictaphone: By clicking on the recording device you can hear some of Brandon's many musings.

Brandon Generator episode one of four is available now.

Brandon Generator episode one (of four) is available now.

Special features

The online comic book makes good use of the latest HTML5 technologies to create a visually rich and immersive experience.

If you are running a Windows 7 PC and use Internet Explorer 9 you can carry out special actions to access exclusive content.

Pin the Brandon Generator website to your Windows 7 taskbar.

Pin the Brandon Generator website to your Windows 7 taskbar by dragging your browser window. Click to the left of your address bar - you should see the prompt 'Drag to taskbar to pin site'. Drag it over your Windows taskbar to successfully pin it.

Visit Brandon Generator.com
Download Internet Explorer 9 for free

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