24/05/2012 10:38 | By Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, Tech & Gadgets

Edgar Wright's 'Brandon Generator'; second episode out now

Was he to be destroyed by his own creation? Doodled to death? A creature made of the missing java...

Internet Explorer unveils Episode Two of 'The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator'.

Watch the second episode of Brandon Generator with Internet Explorer 9. Image MSN

The second episode of the noir inspired series, which has been optimised for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), is now available to watch by visiting www.brandongenerator.com and those who have submitted ideas may find their characters, prose or creatures incorporated into the story.

Brandon Generator is shaping up to be a masterful stroke in online storytelling. Edgar Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards interactive animated series has chalked up several hundred content submissions and viewed by tens of thousands since the first episode launched in April.

This second episode follows Brandon as he struggles to explain the changing world around him following a caffeine fuelled blackout.

The overwhelming interest in the series has led to hundreds of contributions from you (the users) that are now steering the story in bewildering new directions.

Edgar Wright says, "I am very pleased by how well Brandon has been received, especially since it is a something of a personal cry for help that I drink too much coffee... The level of creativity and imagination has been incredibly impressive and people seem to have adopted Brandon's world and carved characters and plotlines around it. We've had people of all abilities getting involved from school children to Hollywood scriptwriters who've been inspired by the story. I think people are going to love the second episode, because we have managed to weave in the work of some 69 contributors, none of which I have ever met."

Interact with Brandon's world using items found in his car.

Interact with Brandon's world using items found in his car.

If you enjoyed Episode One you'll be used to the various interactive cues Brandon Generator provides. Here you can explore Brandon's car to uncover new ways of influencing future episodes and forge a unique narrative.

Tommy Lee Edwards says: "Episode two features elements from nearly 70 different pieces of submitted artwork, voice messages, and prose. We're adding more layers to the user content by asking people to submit an image of themselves for the chance to be illustrated into Brandon's world. I'm personally most excited about the way we will need help from all the artists out there at the end of #2. Brandon's fate in #3 truly depends on the creativity of the users."

Can you help Brandon locate the mystery girl?

Are you Brandon's mystery girl? Upload your photo and find out.

Help Brandon identify the mysterious girl

Has Brandon just listened to Peter Andre's seminal 1995 hit - "Mysterious Girl", one too many times? Or is she the product of strange otherworldly powers? Whatever the case, click on Brandon's wallet to upload a picture of yourself (and possibly appear in the next episode).

Leave Brandon a message

Once again you are able to leave voice messages for Brandon using his mobile phone. Alternatively you can use Skype to help Brandon out of his pickle.

Help Brandon by drawing his escape from the caffeine-addled world.

Help Brandon by drawing his escape from the caffeine-addled world.

Help Brandon escape

Click on Brandon's misty car windscreen to draw Brandon out of his random world.

Hatch his escape by downloading the template and adding your handiwork using your favourite illustration software.
When you are done save your creation as a jpeg file and visit brandongenerator.com/episode-two/draw/ to upload your creation.

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