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How to get Hotmail on your mobile phone

How to get Hotmail on your Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and now Kindle Fire.

How to get Hotmail on your smartphone, including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

It's easier to set up Hotmail on your phone than ever before.

Hotmail can be found on over 15 million phones - no small feat in itself, and now its come to the Kindle Fire we can expect this number to rise even further.

Grab the app for your platform (if available) or follow the instructions below to get instant access to Hotmail on your smartphone.

You will need your existing Windows Live ID or email address associated with your Hotmail account in order to sign-in. Your Live ID can take the form of any of the following; @hotmail.com, @hotmail.co.uk or @live.co.uk.

Choose your device from our list for more info:

How to get Hotmail on your iOS device; iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Hotmail on iPhone (iOS)

Back in November 2011 it was reported that the number of people using Hotmail on iOS 5 devices was around 2 million - and this number was growing by 100K per day.

You can set up your Hotmail account quickly and easily on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch if these devices are running the latest iOS 5. This quick setup support for Hotmail is a new addition to the iPhone, it previously involved messing about with Exchange servers and fiddly settings.

You can download iOS 5 from here

Hotmail functionality on an Apple device is so good it feels just like you're using a native app. For instance,
notifications let you know when you have a new message so you can pick up your email the moment it comes in. Calendar and contacts are synced to your phone, send photos via email, and browse all of your Hotmail folders (even the subfolders) freely.

To add your Hotmail account to your device:

  • Tap into the 'Settings' menu. Then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • On the Accounts page tap 'Add Account' and select 'Windows Live Hotmail' from the list. Enter your Hotmail details and input your password.
  • Choose the account items you would like to sync and then tap 'Save'.

How to set Hotmail up on your Android smartphone.

Hotmail on Android

The official Hotmail Android app doesn't just bring your email to your Android device, but also your Hotmail calendar and contacts.

The Android app allows you control over how often Hotmail refreshes to save your battery and data allowance, it includes support for multiple email accounts and push email. It also boasts the ability to cache embedded images locally on your device, two-way syncing of Hotmail calendars, and it makes good use of Android's notification bar - alerting you to any new mail and unread mail.

You can download the app here for free or search for 'Hotmail' in the Android Market on your phone. To set up your Hotmail account:

  • Tap to open the app and enter your Windows Live ID and your password.
  • On the next screen type your name, you'll then be prompted to enter how many days of email you want to store on your phone.

After installing the app you will notice that (handily) all of your Hotmail contacts will have been added into your
Android address book.

More on MSN:Our guide to the Hotmail Android app

How to set Hotmail up on your Windows Phone.

Hotmail on Windows Phone

Not so much an app, moreover a straight-up experience. Windows Phone users can enjoy a truly immersive Hotmail experience out of the box.

Hotmail is effectively 'baked' into Windows Phone and as such is practically effortless in its use. When you first set-up your phone, you'll be prompted to enter your Windows Live ID and password. Once this is done your Hotmail inbox will populate and you can start checking/sending your mail.

Your Hotmail inbox allows you to "Link inboxes" and import other email accounts into a single inbox.

You can choose the accounts you want to link together, whether it be your Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook emails - all of these can be linked to your Hotmail inbox. This linked inbox can be then pinned to your Start screen, here you can keep an eye out for new messages using the live tile.

How to set Hotmail up on your BlackBerry.

Hotmail on BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Hotmail experience includes push, real-time sync and full HTML support for beautiful rendering of HTML-based emails and newsletters.

Depending on your BlackBerry model there are a few slight changes to the Hotmail setup process (we'll highlight these below).

To configure your email accounts directly from your BlackBerry smartphone:

  • Click the 'Email setup'/'Email settings' option on your smartphone's home screen - it's worth noting that selecting the Setup wizard will also allow you to add a new email account.
  • From here you'll be prompted to either 'Create' or 'Add an email address'. If necessary accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.
  • On the Email setup screen select 'Hotmail'. At the prompt enter your email address and password.

Get Hotmail on the Kindle Fire. Image Amazon.

Hotmail on Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is only available in the US at present but we're crossing our fingers for a UK release.

The Hotmail Kindle app instantly gives you several advantages over the native Kindle Fire mail application, allowing Americans to revel in a superior Hotmail experience: the app will sync all of your mail, contacts, folders and subfolders.

How is this possible? By default the Kindle Fire fetches your Hotmail data via POP3 (Post Office Protocol) - put simply it accesses your inbox on the mail server and downloads new messages to your device.

The Hotmail app however uses the more robust Exchange ActiveSync protocol - this allows synchronization of email, contacts and folders over the air. Both the Kindle Fire and the Exchange Server track changes made since the last sync.

Download the Kindle Fire Hotmail app

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