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How to upgrade to Outlook.com

Check out Microsoft's brand new, modern take on their Hotmail email service

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In just six months 60 million people either made the transition from Hotmail, or signed up for Outlook.com's smart and powerful email experience.

How to upgrade to the new Outlook.com.

Upgrade Hotmail to Outlook.com

If you use Hotmail, you can easily upgrade to Outlook.com and get the great new Outlook features - all while keeping your current address, contact list, and settings.

How? In the top right of your Hotmail inbox, click on 'Options' and then 'Upgrade'. You'll be instantly taken to your
Outlook.com inbox with all of your current settings intact.

Getting an Outlook.com email address

Microsoft's new Outlook.com email service has been designed to work seamlessly on the web and with Windows 8, Windows Phone and Office 2013..

Whether you're a seasoned Hotmail user, or just keen to try out the modern email service that will (in-time) replace Hotmail - you'll be pleased to learn Outlook.com takes care of both.

If you've never owned a Hotmail email account before and want to register a new Outlook.com email address then this is the option for you. Just visit Outlook.com and click the 'Sign up' button to begin.

How to set up an Outlook.com alias.

Got a Hotmail email address already?

If you're already using Hotmail, SkyDrive, Xbox LIVE or have a Windows Phone you can do two things.

The first: create an Outlook.com alias so all mail sent to that address arrives in the inbox of your Hotmail account.

Second: rename your Hotmail account - this will change your existing @hotmail.com address to a new @outlook.com one.

How to create an Outlook.com alias

Using this method means that when using Outlook.com in your browser - you will be able to choose which address (so your original Hotmail address or the new Outlook.com alias) to send email from.

Creating an alias is easy, just visit this page. Once you've chosen your desired alias you can choose where you want mail is sent to when it arrives. For instance you can choose an existing folder (like your inbox) if you so wish.

You can't sign in to your account with your alias; you'll need to sign in with your original Hotmail address.

How to rename your Hotmail account

If you feel ready to say a tearful goodbye to your Hotmail.com email address just follow the following link (along with any prompts).

Renaming your Hotmail account means you will sign in with your new Outlook.com account from this point forward and all mobile devices will send email from the new address.

Most importantly: all of your email will automatically be redirected to your new Outlook.com email address.

For anybody using Windows 8, your new Outlook.com email address will become the log-in details for your Microsoft account.

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