Matt Farrington-Smith, editor, MSN Windows Live
07/04/2011 11:04 | By Matt Farrington-Smith,, editor, MSN Windows Live
Most embarrassing emails

Embarrassing emails

Sarah Palin (Image © AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) (© PA)
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Sarah Palin's hacker

Not an embarrassing email per se, moreover a product of stupidity. 

What do you do when you compromise the email account of Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin? I'd have thought don't boast about it on the Internet would feature top of the list! Palin's 'Hacker' David Kernall made a stupid admittance on the bulletin board belonging to 4chan (once described as an 'Internet Hate Machine', its numbers largely made up of the hacking community) in which he painstakingly explained his actions. The admittance triggered an investigation by the FBI and Secret Service. The jury convicted Kernall on two charges.


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